About Movie Making


Movie Making CCA allows the children to explore storytelling through movies. The children have worked in groups to plan a movie trailer using an iPad and the app iMovie. They have experimented with filming from different angles. From this trailer, the children then develop their ideas further and create a three to five minute feature film.

CCA Children Get Interviewed:

Why did you choose Movie Making as a CCA?

We thought it would be fun to make movies, it is creative and it helps you get prepared to be an actor. It is fun and it helps you with photography skills and we love the opportunity to just act.


What are some of the skills you have learnt?

How to do impressions of people, how to take photos and shots from different angles, how to be different characters. We learn about different terminology and get to act.


What is the best thing about Movie Making?

Being able to do something fun with your friends, act and work with different people.


What sort of student would enjoy this CCA?

Hard working and organised, creative and passionate, a planner, someone who enjoys photography and acting, good with technology, helpful, cooperative and patient.