Principal's welcome

I welcome your interest in the Australian International School Malaysia. Here, the key focus remains always on quality of life and quality of performance in all its facets. One only has to witness the high and positive levels of engagement that exist in and beyond the classrooms and hear the happy and excited exclamations of young people enjoying their experiences to realise that this is indeed a healthy school and a wonderful environment in which to learn and grow.

There are some key advantages for children attending AISM that may distinguish it from other environments -

Curriculum offering
The New South Wales curriculum is a rigorous, yet accessible framework for all students. The fact that our students graduating with the NSW Higher School Certificate are recognised for entry to Universities, not only in Australia, but all over the world is an exceptionally powerful stepping stone for future tertiary studies. An Australian education is indeed an influential arrow in a student’s quiver for life.

Along with this, the students are actively involved in their learning through the expert guidance of a dedicated and committed teaching staff. Innovative approaches prevail across all areas of our offering and the fact that AISM is the first school worldwide to be accredited as a Visible Learning school (John Hattie) clearly supports statistically proven ways to increase academic outcomes. This is a shared framework to further increase learning. It builds a high level of student independence and empowers them to explore and develop their potential more deeply.

While academic pursuit remains the key priority, we are also focused on ensuring our students develop into balanced, confident, empathetic, compassionate and resilient individuals. The richness reflected in our international diversity prepares them well to assume their places in the society, and make a positive contribution and difference as both well rounded citizens and leaders.

The School’s core values guide all who are part of this community and are a RECIPE for life - Respect (and caring for each other), Excellence (and being dedicated to a culture of it), Communication (and openness), Integrity, Passionate (in all we do) and creating an Enjoyable environment.

Environment and Service
We are fortunate to have a beautiful, well resourced campus in which to grow and develop and this not only supports, but enhances and adds value to the delivery of our academic, cultural and sporting programs.

We believe it is important to prioritise in our young people an awareness that not all are as fortunate to be presented with the opportunities that are offered to them. Thus it is that through a variety of undertakings, there is a commitment to serve and support others in our local and wider communities.

As with any piece, words are very easy to write. The real test, however, is to arrange a time to visit, meet us and have a look at AISM in action. We don’t need to roll out the band or the slick promotional gimmicks because I am very confident that once one sees and hears this school in action, that will be all it takes to appreciate just what a special place we have at AISM.

I look forward to meeting you soon.

Best wishes

Tim Waley