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Our highly qualified team have been assembled to ensure we achieve our vision and mission. 90% of our academic staff are trained in Australia or other western education systems, and all are accredited through their individual national education bodies.

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  • Mr Aaron Wise

    Principal | Head of Middle and Senior School

    Bachelor of Commerce (University of Tasmania), Bachelor of Teaching with Honours (University of Tasmania), Master of Education (Morling College), Executive MBA (Quantic School of Business and Technology)

    Aaron joins the Australian International School Malaysia with extensive experience in leading schools throughout Australia, Hong Kong, China and Vietnam.

    Aaron firmly believes that education is a transformative journey, extending beyond the acquisition of knowledge to encompass the development of well-rounded individuals. Emphasising a commitment to holistic growth, Aaron advocates for an educational environment that fosters critical thinking, creativity, and a passion for continuous learning. Recognizing the dynamic nature of the global landscape, Aaron places paramount importance on instilling values of empathy, resilience, and integrity. With a focus on personalized learning, community building, and the celebration of diversity, Aaron is dedicated to empowering students to not only excel academically but also to become responsible, compassionate, and innovative leaders poised for success in the future.

    Aaron is a keen sportsman who particularly enjoys swimming, cycling and running. He has represented Australia in the sport of triathlon and still enjoys training for and competing in Ironman triathlon events.

  • Ms Michelle Chaplin

    Head of Junior School

    Bachelor of Education, Diploma in Teaching (Australian Catholic University), GERRIC Certificate in Gifted Education (University of NSW)

    Michelle is a passionate educator who strongly believes in facilitating programs for individualising learning to ensure each student achieves to the best of their ability. As a head of Junior School in two leading Sydney schools she dedicates her energy to building the very best learning environment for students and teachers – creating strong teaching teams and programs that link with the visible learning framework and a culture of mindfulness.

    Drawing from her close links with the Harvard Visible Thinking program, Stephen Covey Leader in Me philosophy and strong Australian Curriculum based inquiry learning Michelle strives to create a sense of positive energy to drive a strong learning community.

    Michelle is a keen traveller – walker, reader – lover of the outdoors, sports – particularly netball and time at the beach or near water. An Australian country girl here for a true Malaysian experience.

  • Ms Leigh Janett

    Deputy Head of Junior School

    Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Teaching (Australian Catholic University)

    Leigh is a visible learner who radiates passion and pride towards the Australian International School Malaysia (AISM). Having been a member of the community for many years, Leigh knows the importance of developing positive relationships with students, parents and staff. She is proud to be part of a team that delivers a rigorous and modern curriculum, prioritising the learning growth of each individual at AISM.

    An experienced educational leader and teacher, Leigh believes that the cornerstones of educational excellence are curiosity, creativity and resilience. As a qualified Mindfulness Coach at AISM, she strives to equip all students with a positive mindset and higher order thinking skills to empower them to thrive in life.

  • Mr James E.R. Unsworth J.P. (Qual.)

    Deputy Head of Middle & Senior School

    Master of Human Science, Graduate Diploma of Education, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Social Science, Graduate Certificate in TESL, Graduate Certificate in Visible Thinking Routines

    James has taught and led learning at schools in Malaysia and Australia, across a range of curriculums, including HSC, ACARA, IGCSE, IBDP, QCA and BSSS. This includes a previous nine-year tenure at AISM from 2007 to 2016. James is a Visible Learning enthusiast and he also has a passion for World Scholar’s Cup and Model United Nations. James places relationships at the centre of his practice and has a keen interest in the pastoral care and development of every student. For his previous work in international affairs, James was acknowledged with the award of Young Australian of the Year 2003 (QLD) and Gold Coast Young Citizen of the Year 2002.

  • Ms Bianca Chep

    Early Learning Centre Teacher

    Bachelor of Education, Foundation in Management (University Tun Abdul Razak)

    Bianca’s interest in the Reggio Emilia approach and programs of inquiry began when she was first appointed classroom teacher at AISM. Her enthusiasm on this philosophy, learning and the usage of the Reggio Emilia principles ensures her learning environment is meaningful and enjoyable.

    She believes joy and laughter are vital for children to learn successfully. In her spare time, Bianca enjoys travelling and entertainment.

  • Ms Manpreet Kaur Puarr

    Early Learning Centre Teacher(Nursery Teacher)

    Diploma in Learning Disorder Management and Child Psychology (College of Allied Educators, Malaysia), Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (London Teacher Training College), Diploma in Physiotherapy (MAHSA University), & Currently pursuing Masters in Education (TESL)

    Manpreet began her teaching journey in 2013 and has taught at AISM for seven years from Early Years to Upper Primary Years. She has always enjoyed teaching literacy and bringing stories and books to life in the classroom. She is currently pursuing her Masters in Education (TESL). She strongly believes that creative arts are important for developing confidence and creativity in children. Manpreet is enthusiastic about implementing the Reggio Emilia Approach in her classroom; she feels teachers should view themselves as active learners and researchers who contribute to the process. Manpreet loves bringing art and messy play into the classroom to provide an environment that enhances the children’s learning process. Manpreet loves listening to music, walking through nature, drawing and painting, and volunteering to do community service in her spare time.

  • Mrs Cayli Russel

    Foundation Teacher

    Full Education Background: Bachelor of Education (Primary) and Bachelor of Applied Science (Disability) at RMIT University, Melbourne Australia (2008-2011)

    Cayli is a dedicated and passionate Primary Teacher hailing from Australia with a diverse international background.. Holding a double degree from RMIT University in Melbourne, she has earned both a Bachelor of Education (Primary) and a Bachelor of Applied Science (Disability). With a rich tapestry of experiences, Cayli boasts an impressive 12-year teaching career across global landscapes, including Australia, South Africa, China, and England.

    Cayli’s educational approach is infused with boundless creativity, evident in her knack for cultivating a nurturing and stimulating classroom environment. Her commitment to fostering an atmosphere that embraces learning is palpable, as she crafts spaces that engage and captivate students’ curiosity.

    Beyond her professional pursuits, Cayli has woven herself into the vibrant tapestry of global cultures through her extensive travels. Having explored over 50 countries, her unyielding passion for exploration and immersive experiences has brought her to Malaysia, where she currently resides with her husband and identical twin daughters.

    In essence, Cayli embodies an educator who seamlessly blends her pedagogical expertise with an unwavering zest for new experiences, making her an invaluable asset to AISM.

  • Mrs Alicia Lee

    Mandarin Teacher Learning Enrichment

    Diploma In Early Childhood Education (Segi College Subang Jaya), Bachelor of Early Childhood Education (University of Southern Queensland)

    Prior to joining AISM, I had been working with various early years schools across Klang Valley for 12 years. I had been in AISM for the past 6 years. I have been working with various age groups of students in AISM so far. I look forward to an engaging and productive year that takes us all on a fabulous learning journey.

  • Ms Ashikin Hasnan

    Primary & Special Education Needs (SEN) Teacher, Learning Enrichment

    B.Ed TESL (Hons.)

    Trained in Behavioural Therapy, Social Thinking and Emotional Regulation for almost 5 years, conducting 1:1 sessions, social group sessions and providing school support as Inclusion Support Facilitator in International School around Klang Valley. Prior to joining AISM, I taught in International School in KL as a Primary Teacher, specialising in English and English as a Second Language (ESL). I am a full advocate of inclusive classroom catering to all different needs, with specialisation of differentiated worksheets, visual aid, modelling and breaking down the tasks to reach out to students’ understanding levels.

    In my free time, I enjoy watching literature and thriller movies and documentaries, going out for a walk in nature and exploring new cafes and places.

  • Mrs Charlotte McNarn

    Coordinator of Student Learning & Year 1 Homeroom Teacher

    Bachelor of Education Early Childhood (Queensland University of Technology) and Masters of Inclusive Education (Queensland University of Technology)

    Charlotte joins us from sunny Queensland, Australia where she completed her Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood and her Masters in Inclusive Education. She has worked in outback Queensland and metropolitan Brisbane teaching students in the early years. Charlotte has a passion for Inclusive Education and wellbeing and has engaged in leadership positions within these areas.

    Charlotte believes Foundation years create the roots to enable students to grow into critical thinkers and lifelong learners, preparing them for life beyond the classroom. In her classroom she strives to build a little community that values diversity, positive relationships, problem solving and a love of learning.

    In her spare time Charlotte loves to travel and explore new countries and cultures. She is very excited about exploring Malaysia and all the region has to offer.

  • Mr Shaun Baxter

    Year 1 Homeroom Teacher

    Bachelor of Arts (International and Political Studies), Master of Education (Primary)

    Shaun is a passionate and energetic educator who has taught for six years throughout Queensland, New South Wales and most recently, Western Australia. Shaun has proven skills in creating and implementing engaging and purposeful learning experiences, which include the use of technology and manipulatives to deliver optimal learning outcomes. Additionally, Shaun understands the value of relationships with students, families and colleagues, relationships that are built on transparency and trust, providing a strong foundation for learning to take place.

    Shaun holds a Bachelor of Arts (International and Political Studies) and a Master of Education (Primary). He has a keen interest in travel and learning about different countries and their cultures, geography and wildlife. Shaun has traveled throughout Asia and prior to teaching was a semi-professional cyclist who competed throughout Australia and South-East Asia. Shaun has a wife in the Royal Australian Navy who is currently traveling all over the globe in her role. He is excited to explore Malaysia whilst instilling a love of learning in students at AISM.

  • Ms Tamara Kerr

    Year 2 homeroom teacher

    Bachelor of Social Science (University of KwaZulu-Natal) & Post Graduate Diploma in Education (University of Cape Town)

    Originally from South Africa, Tamara joined AISM with 17 years of primary school experience. She has spent time teaching both in Mauritius and South Africa. She brings her international worldview into the classroom, which helps her to connect with students from diverse backgrounds. Tamara values personalised student relationships and a structured classroom environment. She embraces different learning styles and seeks to meet each child where they are at and develop their strengths. Tamara strives to promote an engaging classroom atmosphere, prioritising the well-being and academic success of each student.

    In her spare time, Tamara enjoys the outdoors and is excited to experience the natural beauty of Malaysia. She loves traveling, running, snorkeling, and participating in any team sport.

  • Ms Meghan McTaggart

    Head of Diverse Educational Needs

    Bachelor of Teaching, University of Melbourne

    Meg joined AISM this year from Hobart, Australia where she lived for 4.5 years with her husband and daughter. She has taught in many different schools, from government, private and international schools. She is passionate about educating students to think and develop connections between their learning in the classroom and the world around them. Meg believes that an open and honest relationship between the parents enables a strong partnership for learning.

  • Ms Iman Engelbert

    Year 3 Homeroom Teacher

    In 2016, Iman began her teaching career in sunny Penang, as an early years drama teacher. She was fascinated by how drama has positively impacted the classroom, which inspired her to integrate dramatization into teaching and learning, creating a holistic learning experience.

    Prior to joining AISM, she was a primary teacher in an international school; supporting inclusive education. Iman believes that every child is a star and greatly emphasizes celebrating individuality in the classroom. She advocates active learning among learners and is also a big fan of using differentiation and technology in the classroom, allowing enhanced collaboration between learners.

    Outside of the classroom, Iman enjoys cycling and running with her husband. She is currently pursuing her Master’s in Education (TESL).

  • Mr Jeremy Cox

    Curriculum Coordinator & Year 3 Homeroom Teacher

    Bachelor of Education (Curtin University), CELTA

    Originally from Melbourne, Australia, Jeremy has spent just over a decade living overseas. His Bachelor of Education with Curtin University earned him an induction into the Vice-Chancellor’s List.

    At the core of Jeremy’s teaching philosophy is the belief that true learning stems from curiosity, and that piquing children’s interest in the world around them is fundamental. His primary goal as an educator is to foster a learning environment in which students feel valued and supported, guiding them to become self-regulated lifelong learners.

    Two of Jeremy’s main passions are playing the guitar and watching AFL football. He also loves Malaysian food and traveling.

  • Mr Ryan McIntyre

    Year 5 Home Room Teacher

    Bachelor of Learning Management (Central Queensland University)

    With 15 years of teaching experience spanning both classroom settings and leadership roles, Ryan brings a wealth of experience to AISM. Having guided students in a variety of settings, he has cultivated a profound understanding of education. Ryan places a strong emphasis on building robust relationships with students, families and colleagues, recognising that these connections are the cornerstone of a supportive learning community. Additionally, he is enthusiastic about fostering curiosity in the classroom, crafting an environment where learning is engaging and invigorating.

    Ryan, joined by his wife who is also an educator, and their two young children, is excited to be living and working in Malaysia. This new chapter reflects their commitment to embracing diverse cultures and seeking fresh educational perspectives. With his extensive background and innovative viewpoints, Ryan is eager to contribute to AISM and inspire a love for learning in every student he interacts with.

  • Ms Nicki Taylor

    Music Teacher

    Bachelor of Music (QUT), Bachelor of Education (QUT), Associate of Music Australia (AMusA)

    Nicki is an experienced music educator who has worked in Asia for 16 years. She trained in Queensland and is a voice major who has a keen interest in choral singing. Nicki encourages all children to participate in the arts and is looking forward to the return of live performances and musical theatre.

    She is in Malaysia with her husband and three children and in her spare time, enjoys cooking and learning about natural health remedies.

  • Mr Ivan Yoong

    Physical Education Teacher, CCA and Sports Coordinator, Development Coordinator and Head Coach – Swimming and Triathlon

    Bachelor of Science (Physical Ed / minor in Maths), Teachers Certificate (BYU-HC)

    With 12 years of experience as a Swim Coach, Ivan was previously a Chief Trainer at a local swimming academy in Kuala Lumpur. He is also a Level 2 Certified Coach recognised by the Fédération internationale de natation (FINA) and American Swimming Coaches Association (ASCA).

    Ivan conducts daily training for the School’s experienced team of swimmers, known as The Barracudas. He is also in charge of the coordination of triathlon events for our students, who compete against several other international schools in the region.

    He believes every sportsman or sportswoman can be a champion through hard work and determination.

  • Mr Mohd Fadhly Bin Roslei

    Bahasa & Malaysia Cultural Studies Teacher

    Master of Education – Administration, Bachelor of Malay Linguistics & Language (UPM), Diploma in Information & Technology (International Islamic College)

    Mohd Fadhly has experience working as Bahasa Malaysia teacher in both primary and secondary public school. He has taught Bahasa Melayu for UPSR and PMR and PT3 students.

    In his spare time, he enjoys cooking and spending quality time with his family.

  • Ms Adila Binti Parman

    Bahasa Malaysia Teacher, Malaysian Cultural Studies and Agama

    Bachelor of Accounting (Hons), International Islamic University Malaysia

    Adila has taught in Primary Schools throughout Malaysia, and once held the role of Head Counsellor for 3 years in the previous school. She has assisted with numerous sporting, motivation and cultural events in her previous roles. She enjoys playing table tennis and has coached for MSSD and MSSS. She loves arts and traditional dances that inspired her to contribute performances in the school events like International day, Malaysian festivals, Creative Arts Week and etc. She is currently undertaking a Master of Educational Administration in University Putra Malaysia (UPM).

  • Ms Yoke Yin Wan

    Mandarin Teacher

    Master of Science, Bachelor of Arts in Mandarin (University Putra Malaysia), Teaching Certificate (Tengku Ampuan Afzan Teacher Training College)

    Wan has taught Mandarin in junior and middle schools in the Malaysian, British and American Curricula. She loves reading and volunteering her time for non-government organisations.

  • Mr Qi Yan Fong

    Mandarin Teacher

    Bachelor in Pedagogy at Northeast Normal University in Changchun, Jilin, China.

    Being born and raised in Malaysia, I have always wanted to explore the world, hence I went to China for further studies. I have taught government curriculum in public and private schools in Malaysia and joined AISM as I am committed to personally growing my skills and teaching students to be the best they can be.

    I enjoy listening to songs, writing and especially travelling, thus always wanting to share my experiences exploring different places and cultures around the world with the students for their global appreciation.

  • Ms Jaeshinthaa Kaur

    Year 5 Homeroom Teacher

    Bachelor’s Degree In (Primary) Education (First Class Honours) (Taylor’s University))

    Jaeshinthaa Kaur Uppal was born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Prior to joining AISM, she taught in an International School as a Primary Teacher. She has vast experience teaching across different year groups across the school.

    She shares a close bond with children of all ages, and is able to identify their abilities and nurture them. She believes in kindness and giving back to society, therefore she tries her best to instill these values in her lessons. She also loves developing a strong and positive bond with her students, colleagues and parents.

    Jaeshinthaa loves the richness in the cultural aspect of travelling as it allows her to experience the difference in every individual’s day to day living. This also further allows her to become a globalised citizen that identifies with all individuals in order to celebrate diversity and inclusiveness. In her free time, she loves to connect with nature, travelling and exploring new things.

  • Debora Putri

    Head of Diverse Educational Needs

    Bachelor of Psychology. Master of Education ( Inclusive Education) from University of Sydney.

    Debora Putri is an inclusive educator who has been travelling around the world as a Learning Support Specialist in various countries like Bangladesh, Indonesia, Cameroon, South Korea, and China for more than 12 years. Deb believes in the importance of fostering students’ active learning, engagement and self-advocacy. She enjoys collaborating with teachers, parents and students as well as learning from them in order to make students’ experiences at school more meaningful and relevant. As a life-long learner, she stays updated with current education development, effective teaching strategies and practices as well as technology integration. During her spare time, She enjoys playing tennis, reading and spending time with her family. Deb and her family are delighted to be part of the AISM community.

  • Mr Simon Matheson

    Head of Science and Technology & Year 9 Homeroom Teacher

    Master of Education – Leadership and Management (Queensland University of Technology), Bachelor of Education (University of Queensland, Bachelor of Science (University of Queensland), Honours first class Chemistry (University of Queensland)

    Simon is a progressive and forward thinking educator who strives to constantly learn, reflect and embrace visible learning approaches, in the pursuit of being an inspired and passionate teacher. Through his experiences as a head of department in Australian and international school settings across multiple curriculum platforms he finds the best balance of learning scaffolds and strategies to deliver engaging, challenging and evolving lessons.

    As a true global citizen, Simon and his young family love to travel, explore and learn from different cultures, beliefs and traditions. Learning is embedded in our background and where we come from, so he is always keen for a chat to find out who you are, what places you love to visit and what food you’ve been enjoying.

  • Mr Chris Broadbent

    Head of Humanities, Careers and Pathways Coordinator

    Bachelor of Arts (Hons) (Dunelm, UK), Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE), Cambridge English Language Teaching Accreditation (CELTA)

    Chris Broadbent has 16 years teaching experience, 13 years of which has been at AISM. He hails from the UK and has a Geography degree as well as a PGCE from the University of Durham. He also holds a CELTA qualification to teach English as a second language. He is the Model United Nations Director and runs the World Scholar’s Cup program at AISM.

  • Mr Matthew Fisher

    Head of the Arts

    B.Ed (Music) – University of Newcastle, Certificate IV in Training and Development (NIDA), Certificate III in Live Production and Services (NIDA), PADI Divemaster

    Matt began performing violin on stage at age six. Since then he has furthered his performance skills through becoming a multi-instrumentalist and performing on instruments including viola, trumpet, saxophone, guitar, drums, bass guitar and piano. He has performed in, and led, many ensembles such as jazz bands, orchestras, chamber groups and rock bands. He is also an accomplished award-winning song writer.

    Matt has 25 years of Music teaching experience in NSW secondary schools, the last 10 of which he has been Head of Creative and Performing Arts. During this time he has gained numerous awards for outstanding teaching as a result of student achievement. He has also been chosen as an HSC Music Performance Marker on several occasions. Matt is excited to be joining AISM as Head of Performing Arts. He is passionate about all Creative and Performing Arts and strives to bring out the best in students and unlock their creative potential, boost their confidence and foster a love of the Arts.

    Matt enjoys SCUBA diving, tennis, traveling and experiencing new cultures and food.

  • Mrs Gayatri Unsworth

    Head of Language Acquisition, Science and Multicultural Studies Teacher

    Master of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication (Griffith University, Queensland), Bachelor of Communication – Mass Communication & Human Resource Management (Edith Cowan University, Western Australia), Graduate Diploma in Education – Social Science & English (Griffith University, Queensland) , TESOL / TEFL (Global Leadership College)

    Gayatri has been an educator for the past 13 years. She has taught in a range of education settings including university, Australian private schools, international schools (at both junior and senior year levels) as well as adult education. Gayatri is also an experienced journalist and soft-skills facilitator. She is also a mentor with the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women and has worked closely on a number of projects to assist marginalised segments of society. Gayatri is a passionate teacher, writer and child safety & well-being advocate who enjoys working alongside learners of varying ages and abilities.

  • Mr Dale Waihaere Wells

    Head of PDHPE, IA Leader, Coach of Basketball and Touch Rugby

    Bachelor of Science (Physical Ed / minor in Maths), Teachers Certificate (BYU-HC)

    Dale is New Zealand Maori by blood, belonging to the Ngati Kuia, Ngai Tahu and Ngati Koata tribes. He is an ordained Bishop in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

    An avid sports fan, Dale still swims and plays basketball. Obviously being a Kiwi, he supports the Chiefs, Warriors, Breakers, Tall Blacks, Kiwis and the mighty ALL BLACKS!! Kia Kaha, Kia Manawanui, Kia Ngawari.

  • Ms Tanya Fisher

    Head of Faculty – Mathematics

    Bachelor of Education (Secondary Mathematics) & Master of Education Charles Sturt University.

    Tanya has over 25 years teaching experience in Mathematics and Science across many different sectors in NSW Australia and has been a Head Teacher of Mathematics as well as a Head Teacher of Teaching and Learning since 2014. In this time, she has taught some of the highest achieving students in NSW to boys who were incarcerated and convinced they hated Mathematics and could never achieve. She enjoyed proving them wrong!

    Tanya is a passionate advocate for her students understanding the relevance and feeling enjoyment for Mathematics – living and loving learning. Founding the North Coast Beginning Teacher Network, working across faculties as part of a team is synonymous with Tanya’s ethos as an educator. She is excited to be bringing her wealth of knowledge and creative teaching style to join the team and quench the student’s thirst for learning at AISM…Learn it, Live it, Love it!

    Tanya enjoys roller skating, paddle-boarding, SCUBA diving and writes and records original songs in her spare time.

  • Mr Antony Beadle

    Legal, Business and Humanities Teacher

    Bachelor of Laws, Bachelor of Commerce, Diploma in Practical Legal Training, Diploma in Education (Senior Years)

    A specialist senior Legal Studies and Business teacher, Antony is passionate about creating lifelong learners and moral, educated participants in society. A former solicitor, he has been teaching for 8 years and has not looked back. Antony particularly values the opportunity to teach students how to solve their own problems, rather than having to fix them as he did with his old clients! He enjoys music and theatre.

  • Ms Reshma Malkani

    Economics, Business Studies and Commerce Teacher & Year 11 and 12 Pastoral Coordinator

    Masters of Commerce (University of Mumbai), Bachelor of Education (Bombay Teachers’ Training College), and Bachelor of Commerce (University of Mumbai)

    Reshma has worked hard to establish a reputation as a high-expectation teacher with over 8 years’ practice. Reshma firmly believes that, ‘if you love the work that you do, you will never have to work a day in your life’, and it is this enthusiasm that she brings to school each day.

    Reshma has been fortunate to have taught both in Mumbai and most recently in a high-achieving international school in Malaysia and she relishes having the opportunity to work with students from diverse backgrounds and seeing them achieve their full potential. She firmly believes in ‘Learning is not just about developing a student academically but also their ‘skills for life’ to be successful and confident citizens in today’s modern and dynamic world.’

    Outside of school she firmly believes in ‘work hard, play hard’. This is where her love for traveling was born and her long standing desire to work and experience life abroad. Whenever possible, she tries to travel to new countries and get out of her comfort zone. She also loves to taste different cuisines, with her favorites being Indian and Thai food. Staying fit and healthy is also a big part of her life and she has a passion for zumba, riding a bike, and music.

  • Mrs Anna Wood

    Mathematics, Science & Technology Teacher, Middle School Pastoral Coordinator

    Masters in Inclusive Education(CSU), Bachelor of Science (UWA), Graduate Diploma in Secondary Education (ECU)

    Anna is an experienced Australian educator who has worked in rural and city schools. She has worked at AISM for several years teaching Mathematics, Science and Technology. She is an advocate of life long learning and seeks to create nurturing education environments that allow students to achieve their potential. She appreciates and continues to enjoy the cultural and culinary experience that Malaysia offers to her and her family.

  • Mr David Stagg

    Head of English, English Teacher and EAL Teacher

    Masters of Education – Educational Leadership (Charles Sturt University), Masters in Teaching (English and History Secondary)(UWS) and Bachelor of Arts (History, English & Sociology) (UWS)

    David has taught in Western Sydney and in the Snowy Mountains, New South Wales, Australia. He believes in creating safe positive learning environments that enables the child to reach their potential in a classroom that encourages risk-taking. David is an enthusiastic and passionate teacher and is looking forward to continuing his own personal development at AISM. He is currently completing his Master of Education (Educational Leadership).

  • Mr Marshall Kennedy

    English Teacher & Year 6 Homeroom Teacher

    Master of Arts in TESOL (Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages) and BSc Environmental Science

    Marshall has over thirteen years of experience teaching English as an Additional Language – both in Korea and Malaysia. He has taught across a variety of contexts, ranging from kindergarten to university. He believes strongly in promoting learner autonomy to help students maximise their English Language Learning potential.

    In his spare time, Marshall enjoys exploring and sampling the amazing food of Malaysia.

  • Mrs Danica Dawes

    English and Humanities Teacher, Year 7 Homeroom Teacher

    Bachelors of Education majoring in English and Psychology, University of South Africa.

    Danica is a passionate and energetic teacher with 19 years of experience in a variety of school environments, specifically in Cape Town, South Africa and Seoul, South Korea. She strives to create a positive and nurturing classroom environment where she finds a connection with each student, with her goal being to help them feel confident and achieve their best.

    In her spare time, Danica enjoys the outdoors and exploring her surroundings. She loves exercise, hiking, trying new cuisines and travel.

  • Ms Isabel Perez

    IST/SDD Teacher & Year 8 Homeroom Teacher

    Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Minors in Mathematics and Graphic Arts (University of Tennessee)

    Having worked in educational technology for over twenty years, Isabel has considerable experience in teaching, 1:1 class integration, multi-platform support, and faculty training after previous positions in Uruguay, England, USA, Canada, Venezuela and Jamaica. She is passionate about the benefits of technologies for the classroom and dedicated to seamless integration for all stakeholders. Technology can help create personalised education, bring societies together, and expand one’s reach worldwide. It can adapt to different learning styles/curves and fosters collaboration at all levels. Evaluations are improved, feedback is immediate, while creativity and critical thinking are constantly stimulated.

    In her free time, Isabel enjoys the visual arts, plays tennis, explores neuroscience, and enjoys travel and leisure time with her family.

  • Mrs Shehrbano Waleed

    Technology Teacher & Year 8 Homeroom Teacher

    Bachelors in Architecture (National College of Arts, Lahore), Post Graduate Certificate in Education (University of Sunderland, UK)

    Shehrbano (Sherry) has joined the AISM faculty as a Design Technology and Visual Arts teacher. Prior to pursuing a teaching career beginning in Hong Kong, she practiced Architecture and Interior design. The academic rigor and structured approach of her architecture background has enabled her transition to being an educator. Her teaching ethos focuses on nurturing the creativity of our students while reinforcing the framework of underlying principles that define Art, Design & Technology.

    Her teaching approach creates a foundation of trust where students are encouraged to experiment, push boundaries and consider how to turn their mistakes into learning opportunities.

    Her hobbies include historical fiction, sewing and mosaicing.

  • Mr Raymond Pollock

    Maths & Science Teacher, Year 10 Homeroom Teacher

    Bachelor of Science, Graduate Diploma in Education

    Raymond has been a Head Teacher for Mathematics in government and private schools for many years. He specialises in Senior Mathematics and Physics. He has a keen sporting interest in volleyball.

  • Mrs Jennifer Bunn

    Mathematics & Year 6 Homeroom Teacher

    National Professional Qualification in Leading Teaching (NPQLT), Post Graduate Certificate in Secondary Education Mathematics (PGCE), Bachelor of Science with Honours Music Technology with Management (BSc (Hons)

    Jennifer is an enthusiastic and experienced teacher of Mathematics, having taught for 11 years in the UK as well as holding various leadership positions within the Mathematics departments. She believes that students learn best when they feel confident to explore their ideas and encourages a culture of inquiry in her class room. Outside of school Jennifer is a keen participant in amateur dramatics with a particular love of pantomime.

  • Ms Stephanie Rajani

    French Teacher & Year 9 and 10 Pastoral Coordinator

    BA in English (Université Charles De Gaulle, France), Maîtrise FLE (Université Stendhal, France), PGCE in MFL (Bath Spa University, UK), Certificate in Accounting (Open University, UK)

    Stephanie is an enthusiastic linguist who loves sharing her passion for languages with students. She has taught French and Spanish in the UK for 10 years; she has also taught French in Malaysia and Singapore. In her previous employment in Malaysia, she was the Head of MFL, Head of French and a Head of House. Stephanie thinks of innovative ways to make learning fun. She caters for all different learning styles to motivate students.

    She thinks technology plays an important part in the learning process of a language: it can be beneficial at all levels making learning easier, giving access to the culture, connecting to native speakers and authentic materials, etc. Stephanie believes speaking a foreign language makes relationships closer and stronger.

    In her spare time, she enjoys gardening, cooking and looking after her two sons. Stephanie loves traveling and learning about new cultures and cuisines.

  • Ms. Nor Rashina Hayrat Ali

    Middle and Senior Mathematics and Bahasa Malaysia Teacher

    Masters In Education (Taylors University), Bachelor in Pure Maths (University Science Malaysia).

    Rashina is passionate about teaching and she began her career as an educator 5 years ago at AISM before going to Nilai International school for a year as a Mathematics teacher. She has been appointed at AISM as a Bahasa Melayu, SPM, and Malaysian Cultural Studies teacher. Rashina views a collaborative school environment as the key to creating successful teachers and students. She has taught in various classroom settings including co-teaching in a special education inclusion classroom as well as co-teaching with Maths teacher. Her interest is traveling and loves spending time with family and friends. She is happy to be rejoining the school community.

  • Ms Kimberly Ann Ritchie

    Visual Arts Teacher

    Bachelor Arts (Visual) Bachelor Education (Secondary), Certificate III & IV Education Support and Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

    Kim is a passionate Visual Arts teacher in the Middle Senior School who has spent several years working in the state system across both QLD and Victoria. She is a firm believer that Arts education helps students develop the skills needed in the workplace: flexibility, the ability to solve problems and communicate, the ability to learn new skills, to be creative and innovative and to strive for success! As well as teaching Visual Arts, Kim has spent several years training teacher aides and running a homework program for Aboriginal Students in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne.

    Kim is passionate about all aspects of the Arts and in her spare time enjoys performing in local theater productions and listening to live music. Kim has a passion for travelling and draws a lot of her inspiration for her classes from her travels.

  • Ms Hor Kai Lin

    Mandarin Teacher & Year 11 Homeroom Teacher

    Master of Education (National Taichung University of Education), Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Studies (University Malaya)

    Hor has taught at a Chinese primary school and was a part time lecturer in One World Hanxing College of Journalism and Communication. Hor teaches Mandarin in the Junior School and Middle and Senior School. Her hobbies include collecting stamps and reading. She enjoys backpacking on her holidays, and loves animals, most especially dogs.

  • Mr Christian Ogle

    Biology teacher

    Masters Degree in Science Education (Columbia University New York City NY.), Bachelor’s degree in Biology (Metropolitan State University, St. Paul MN), Bachelor’s degree in Media Communications (Metropolitan State University, St. Paul MN.)

    Christian Ogle hails from the Great State of Minnesota in the USA. He has been teaching science and Advanced Biology for 20 years,13 of those years internationally. Christian holds multiple degrees in Biology and Media communications with a Postgraduate Degree in Science Education. Christian was a Postgraduate Fellow in Science Education at Columbia University in New York City from 2004 to 2006. Christian has real world field experience serving as the Peace Corps Agricultural Specialist advising the Ministry of Agriculture in Suriname South America from 1999 to 2003. Teaching Biology to students and people of all ages has been his life long passion. He has taught on and off at schools in Malaysia since 2009 including The Mont’Kiara International School and GEMS International School. Christian also taught at The Shanghai American School from 2015 to 2018. Among other things, Christian is a classically trained Chef working in the F&B industry before going into Education, and he is also a highly experienced Rescue Diver. He has taken hundreds of students on Educational activities to the reefs and rainforests of Malaysia. He is honored to now bring his experience and teaching passion to The Australian International School Malaysia.

  • Steven Webster

    English & Humanities Teacher, Year 10 Homeroom teacher

    Bachelor’s degree in Environment and Development Studies (Stellenbosch University, South Africa), PGCE Intermediate and Senior Phase (University of South Africa), Masters Degree in Leadership in Education (Liverpool John Moores University, UK)

    Steven is a dynamic and modern educator with over 8 years of experience teaching English, EAL and Humanities subjects. He has taught in South Korea and Shanghai, gaining valuable experience in a range of different educational settings including private and public schools. Together with his fellow educators, guardians and the wider school community, Steven is motivated to help students learn naturally and effortlessly, while inspiring them to think critically about the world.

    Steven endeavours to promote individuality and strongly believes all students should be afforded an equal opportunity to learn in a stimulating and safe educational environment, where they can not only grow intellectually, emotionally, and socially, but also contribute to the growth and well-being of those around them. Steven constantly strives to create a holistic educational environment and be a role model for students through his own positive daily actions and behaviour.

  • Ms Devi Nithiananthan

    English Teacher

    B. Ed (HONS) Teaching English as a Second Language (Management and Science University, Malaysia), Master of Arts English Language Teaching & Applied Linguistics (Coventry University, United Kingdom), MA English Literature (University Malaya, Malaysia )

    Devi joined the Australian International School Malaysia as an English teacher for the IESC and Literacy Support programmes under the Language Acquisition faculty. Her background in second language teaching and applied linguistics has equipped her with the knowledge and skills necessary for her diverse teaching methodologies.

    Devi is fueled by her passion for teaching and love for the English language. She makes it a point to understand the language needs of her students and their emotional needs to support language acquisition. As an educator, Devi strongly believes that ‘to teach is to touch a life forever’. The motto of her Australian kindergarten planted the seed to what has now become her life’s journey. The importance of skill and language knowledge is only one half of her lesson criteria. Devi believes that the second half should focus on practical applications and hence her lessons go beyond the classroom and into the real world.

    Her passion for teaching, love for the language and drive to create lessons that extend into the real world is based on her foundation and experience from learning and teaching both in Malaysia and the UK. Apart from graduating with first class honors, Devi has also produced top scorers under the Monash University Foundation Programme. A firm believer of mindfulness and work-life balance, curling up with a book at the end of the day and spending time with family is the perfect compliment to her life.

  • Mrs Sarah Louise Boam

    English Teacher

    BA(Hons) Communication Studies, Post Graduate Certificate in Secondary English Teaching, Post Graduate Certificate in Educational Leadership, Masters in Educational Practice (Completing Nov 2023)

    Sarah is a passionate teacher of English who has over 14 years’ experience teaching in England, Aotearoa New Zealand, and now Malaysia. She loves poetry, Stephen King novels, and exploring how texts shine a light on the complexities of human nature and alternative cultural experiences.

    Sarah’s second passion is health and fitness. She is a qualified personal trainer and group fitness instructor. She has completed a marathon, and organised a range of sporting events for charity. Until moving to Malaysia, she taught weekly spin classes where she would get paid to workout while enjoying her favourite music played at full volume.

  • Ms Selina Murphy

    PDHPE Teacher and Year 9 Homeroom Teacher

    Post Graduate Certificate in Education (The University of Manchester), First Class BA Honours degree in Sport Coaching (UCLAN, Preston, United Kingdom)

    Selina has 15 years of experience working with students in Sports environments and has been a Physical Education Teacher for 6 years. Prior to relocating to Malaysia in 2021, she taught in schools across Manchester in the UK.

    Selina believes sport has a unique ability to unite people from all cultures, religions and socioeconomic backgrounds. She also recognises that physical activity possesses the power to ease the multitude of stresses and anxieties faced by young people. Her philosophy for the provision of PE is that the learning environment is challenging with the opportunity to take risks and fulfil their true potential in sports. She also strives to equip students with vital transferable skills such as confidence, collaboration, collective responsibility and humane values so that they can thrive in society.

    Selina is passionate about football (UK) and has coached several girls’ football teams here in Malaysia. Her hobbies include playing football in the Malaysian Women’s Super League and travelling around the world.

  • Ms Rosemary Joseph

    EAL and Academic Support Teacher

    Master of Education (Teaching and Learning), Diploma in Learning Disorders And Child Psychology, Bachelor of Business Administration (Marketing), Cambridge Certificate of Teaching And Learning

    Rose is a results-driven educator who has been in the teaching profession for the past 9 years. Her passion lies in the realm of education, particularly in the dynamic landscape of diverse learning environments. She finds immense joy in collaborating with students from various backgrounds and a wide range of learning abilities. For Rose, the cornerstone of effective teaching is establishing a secure and nurturing learning environment, one that empowers students to actively steer their own educational journey. Beyond her dedication to teaching, Rose has a multifaceted personality. She finds solace in the harmonious notes of music, thrives on the adventure of travel, and eagerly delves into the exploration of diverse cultures and the stories of people from around the world.

  • Mr Dale Keys

    Drama Teacher

    Masters of Education in Leadership and Management (QUT), Graduate Diploma of Teaching (USQ), Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in English Literature (USQ), Bachelor of Theatre Arts (USQ), CELTA (Cambridge Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults), CELT YL (Cambridge Certi­ficate in English Language Teaching Young Learners Extension).

    Dale has a passion for all things creative, and is especially passionate about the creative arts, physical theatre, cross-curricular collaboration, and bringing theatre education to South East Asia.

    Dale has 10 years international teaching experience in drama from K-12. He worked in Indonesia for the last 2 years and Vietnam for 8 years prior to his move to Malaysia. During his time in Vietnam, he was a steering committee member for the Saigon Players Community theatre group, facilitating and starring in a number of productions, and bringing community theatre to a number of international schools within the region, as well as running acting workshops for the wider Saigon Community.

    He enjoys competing in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, photography, creative problem solving, and relaxing at home with his wife and two cats Salem and Simba.

  • Ms Zoe McPherson

    School Counsellor

    Post Graduate Diploma (Psychology), Bachelor of Applied Science (Psychology), Registered Psychologist with the Australian Psychology Board

    A Registered Psychologist, Zoe has spent the last 12 years working at Catholic Independent schools in Sydney and private practices.

    She is passionate about working with young people in a school setting, helping students understand the benefits of maintaining a balanced routine, a healthy lifestyle and engaging in practices that promote positive mental health. Zoe is a very active person and extremely passionate about sport, exercise and incorporates this into her everyday life.

  • Ms Denise McFarlane

    School Nurse

    Senior Enrolled Nurse (General Trained); FA-CPR-AED Instructor (ARC) (Singapore)

    Denise trained as a General Nurse in Dundee (Ninewells) Scotland and is a certified American Red Cross CPR/First Aid Instructor. She loves Scottish dancing, gardening, Muay Thai boxing and the Malay Silat.

  • Ms Alice Law Geok Bee

    School Nurse

    Diploma in Nursing, Critical Care trained with certified Basic Life Support

    Alice has 6 years of work experience with the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Hospital Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. She loves children and animals. She also enjoys reading fiction, baking pastry, making art and craft, photography and swimming.