Our Admissions Policy

We want our students to excel, we want them to feel challenged to extend themselves, and explore their talents.

Australian International School Malaysia (AISM) is one of the best international schools in Kuala Lumpur, and aims to admit students who will thrive in our environment, and for whom we can provide the right support.

An international focus

We enjoy an internationally diverse, welcoming student body, and admissions are welcomed from all nationalities.

Availability of places

There are limited places available in selected year levels, so your child’s admission will be subject to the availability of places in the requested year group.

Academic level

Our international school values academic achievement and our admissions assessment and interview, along with other documents, such as school reports will help us assess your child’s academic level prior to enrolment at AISM.

Australian and New Zealander priority placement

As the only Australian international school in Malaysia, Australian and New Zealander families are given priority placement. The nationality of a student is determined by the identification document (or passport) of the student.

Expatriate parents

Due to Malaysian Immigration regulations, expatriate parents must show evidence of valid documentation for their stay in Malaysia.

Malaysian students

Approval from the local Ministry of Education (MOE) prior to starting school is no longer required. However, Malaysian students are still required to study Malaysian Studies by the Ministry of Education, and these classes are provided as part of our school curriculum.

Students from non native English speaking background

Students from non-native English speaking backgrounds are welcome at our school as we value diversity. If your child demonstrates the ability to improve their English and can engage with the curriculum, they will be accepted into the school, subject to the approval of the Head of School. In such cases, the students are required to undertake additional English language support at additional cost to the parent.

Advance applications and waiting lists

We welcome applications for places in advance. If we cannot place your child in the appropriate year group on the date you’ve requested, we will put them on our waiting list upon receiving a complete application. As an international school, families leave at various times during the year, sometimes at short notice, so it is likely you won’t have to wait long.

If we don’t find a place for your child in the term you have applied for, we will automatically transfer the application to the relevant waiting list for the following term and/or academic year group unless you withdraw your application.