Age Group Champions Swimming Carnival 2015


Middle and Senior School Swimming Carnival Awards Ceremony


Dear Parents,

Following the Middle and Senior School Carnival held last Tuesday, 27 October, the school is happy to announce the Age Group Champions as listed in the table below.

Please join us during the Middle and Senior School Assembly tomorrow, Friday, 30 October, 2.45pm in the Gym, for the Awards Ceremony.
We look forward to celebrating your child’s achievements with you tomorrow.


  Age Group Champion 1st Runner Up 2nd Runner Up
12 Boys Ross Weir Leigh Salani Zachary Lau
12 Girls Yasmin Henderson Kelly Claudia Young Ariana Elmer
13 Boys Taiitsu Masunaga Washington Chao Alex Kam
13 Girls Taasia Thong Jemma Brisk Lharanya Somasundaram
14 Boys Julian Gray Masahiro Kuno Airyl Shazli
14 Girls Cara Hobson Cassandra Komouris Minji Park
15 Boys Jeremy Bartley Jasper Brisk Nick Werner
15 Girls Regina Kewo Eve Weir Sophia Komouris
16 Boys Christian Bartley Patrick Heaton Adin Hogarth
16 Girls Sydney Thompson Ina Hobson Sophie Chmiel
Open Boys Shay Maynard Li Zhen Ng Dylan McKibbon
Open Girls Lynette Too Jessie Breen Madyson Pietsch

A special note for the students who have produced new records for ASIM and whose names will be etched in AISM history until new champions are produced.

Washington Chao 50 Freestyle - 31.47
Washington Chao 100 Freestyle - 1.11.19
Taiitsu Masunaga 50 Breaststroke - 43.15
Taiitasu Masunaga 50 Backstroke- 35.95
Taiitasu Masunaga 50 Butterfly - 35.96
Taiitasu Masunaga 100 Backstroke - 1.25.16
Taiitasu Masunaga 100 IM- 1.19.81
Taasia Thong 50 Breaststroke- 45.22
Taasia Thong 50 Backstroke - 40.91
Taasia Thong 100 Breaststroke - 1.35.43
Taasia Thong 100 Backstroke - 1.27.50
Taasia Thong 100 IM - 1.27.79

I would also like to recognise the Year 12 House Captains for their contributions to AISM this year and wish them the best in the future endeavours.

Afra Zadeh
Bronson Chong

Victoria Chimmel
Sprite Munday

Kenny Lee
Asif Haider

Aisha Kenton
Mukesh Subramanium


Finally I/we would like to present the swimming cup to the middle school house captains of Thorpe.

Can I ask that Nick Werner and Gwen Clayton come up on stage to receive the 2015 House Swimming Cup for 2015.

Every-one cheer!!