AISM Book Week 2016 Australia: Story Country


Some highlights of our AISM Book Week celebrations included Australian author, Peter Carnavas. He encouraged the students to use real life experiences to write interesting stories. Peter explained the whole process of producing a picture book. He focused on his own books which only have a few words, relying mainly on the illustrations to tell the story.

Year 5 students had the opportunity to create their own illustrations during their session. Books by Peter Carnavas can be bought online from or

Australian Storyteller, Jenni Cargill-Strong delighted the Junior School students with a variety of stories. The students enjoyed singing and creating various sound effects during her stories.

Jenni also held a Storytelling Workshop with our Junior School Assistant Teachers. They were all very engaged and inspired by Jenni’s ideas and high energy level.

Some of the students comments about Jenni Cargill-Strong from 2G and 2W

Emma: It was amazing. I liked the bell.
Annabel: It was cool because her story was very long.
Moosa: It was funny when she was pretending to be her mum slapping her older sister.
Coco: My favourite part was when she told her story of her tree. I love nature.
Chee Sung: Her stories were interesting.
Amy: She was very inspirational and I thought she was a very good author.
Jyn: I liked her stories because it was interesting and nice.
Shreya: I liked when she changed her voice to make different sounds to act like different people.
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