AISM continues success at Port Dickson International Triathlon


Recently on 20 and 21 August, 1,500 triathletes from across the country and overseas competed in the Port Dickson International Triathlon.

AISM students continued to perform well at this annual event. Eliza Tan backed up her win from last year, taking the title of U10 Girls champion. Yin Jenn Goh had a great race claiming 4th in the U12 event, while Mia Tan came in 6th place.

Hugo from Year 1 did well, completing his first open water swim and coming in 38th place in the U10 Boys category.

Open Basketball Girls

On Wednesday 24 August, eight enthusiastic girls represented AISM against Taylor’s International School in a friendly match of basketball. We played such a competitive and well fought game- with the end score being 17 points a piece. Our last quarter comeback was something to be proud of! Our defenders were on fire!!  With 35.5 seconds to go, after a timeout was called, we managed to stop the opposition shooting when the ball was down their end. It was a nerve racking half a minute!! We look forward to playing again soon!

By: Aysa, Issy, Mandy, Yazzy, Sophia, Cassandra, Sandhaya and Kimberly.

Under U16 Girls Soccer

The weather was very hot at the day of the game, but luckily it rained a bit before so the temperature decreased a little. On the bus there everyone was excited but also a bit nervous since it was our first game of the year. Our nervousness  impacted our playing in the start of the game. We were way too stressed in our passings which resulted in silly mistakes. However our team Captain had given us some inspirational words before the game and soon we got more comfortable and started to play with the confidence she had told us to do. For the rest of the game we started to play as we had been practising for the last few weeks. Everyone gave their 100% in every situation and this paid off and we started to score some goals. Both halves were very even and Taylor’s gave us tough competition, but our determination and our team play lead us to a 4-0 win. Everyone did their best and we can say that we are prepared take on the AISA Games. Thanks to Mr.Nasyarul who coached the team on that day.

Results : TISKL 0, AISM 4 (Sophie 4 goals)

AISM Players : Minji, Kimberley, Regina, Ellis, Sara, Cassandra, Sophie, Brittney, Annie, Zi Xuen, Amiesyha

Sara Stalebring, Year 10