AISM Students Accepted to Top Universities Worldwide


Our Year 12 students, Ashwen Parthiban, Kevin Kam, Jasmine Chow and Gregor Moonan visited AISM recently to celebrate their achievements in the Higher School Certificate (HSC) examinations. Their excitement was evident as they chatted about their next course in life.


Ashwen who scored an outstanding 98.35% has been ranked as top 2% across Australia and the world. As amazing as it sounds, he attributes his success to hardwork and good time management. Ashwen awaits news of being accepted into the two top universities of his choice, both in the United Kingdom for the study of Chemical Engineering. Kevin with an ATAR score of 93.35% has been accepted into the University of New South Wales, Australia for a Flexible Engineering degree programme. He has won a scholarship worth AUD $4000 from this university and hopes to decide on a specialisation after the 1st year.


Gregor has always been inspired by technology and pursued Software Development as one of his electives in the HSC examinations. His decision to pursue a degree in Software Engineering thus is not surprising and he has been accepted into the University of Canterbury, New Zealand to pursue his passion. Jasmine on the hand has received numerous offers from universities in Australia and Malaysia, but has decided to take a gap year to gain experience in the finance and accounting world

before she decides on her future pathway.


These are just some of the stories from our highly successful students as they make important choices in the lives and head off for their tertiary education. Overall, 62% of AISM students were placed in the top 40%, giving them wide tertiary education and scholarship options. We will share more stories on our 2014 Year 12 students as and when we get confirmation on their destinations.


Every year, AISM students have not only benefited from seamless transitions into education pathways in Australia but, have been accepted into universities all over the world including United Kingdom, Canada, United States, Japan, Korea, Malaysia and much more. The Higher School Certificate is an international qualification which emphasises holistic education and helps students equip themselves with skills necessary for their future.