Annual Swimming Carnival


Ivan McLean, Head of Middle and Senior Schools

It has been quite an eventful week where students have had the opportunity to showcase their many talents. A wonderful day was held on Tuesday with the running of our annual swimming carnival. A special thank you to all of the parents who volunteered their time to assist with the various jobs on the day. Thank you also to Kim Bradley, Jason Brand and Justin Emerson for their work in preparing for a great day - particularly Ms Bradley!

There were many students prepared to “have a go” for themselves and for their House. In this Olympic year, students will hopefully have been inspired by the many triumphs they have witnessed to incorporate sport and fitness into their daily lives. Congratulations are in order for all of our Age Champions and winners on the day as well. The Age Champions will be announced in an upcoming Middle and Senior School assembly.

We have also been inundated with Science feats and quizzes throughout the past few days as we celebrate Science Week. Again, we hope students are inspired to develop their academic interests in their lives.

Next week, our International Day takes place on Friday 26 August. Students are all encouraged to take part in the festival of food, dance and cultural activities organised for the day.

It is this holistic view of taking care of our bodies, our hearts and our minds that we try to develop in all students at AISM. For it is through such schooling that our students develop their place in our world as the leaders of tomorrow. Just as our Year 12 students have led the School wholeheartedly and are now preparing for their final HSC exams, it is timely for their leadership to be passed on now to the Year 11 cohort. In the upcoming weeks we will begin to talk with the Year 11 cohort about the importance of student leadership and how it affects connectedness to school and our positive school climate. Student leadership gives students the opportunity to be empowered to work together to achieve a common goal and shared purpose. It is important that all students in the cohort share the leadership responsibilities in some way and be involved in contributing to the school and its community, as I am sure that they will.

Upcoming Events

Language Week Monday 22 August - Friday 26 August
International Day Friday 26 August
“Hairspray”, CCA Production

Monday 29 August - Tuesday 30 August at 7pm

AISM Auditorium - Adults RM20, Students RM10, Children under 5 free!

Tickets at the Door - No reservations. First in, best seats!

Language  Week 2016 - Program

Monday 22 August
  • Homeroom quiz begins- Quiz to be distributed by SRC reps in each class. Answers will be collected and winners announced at the end of the week.
  • Photo competition begins- Entry forms will be available for students to guess destinations of holiday snaps shared by teachers. Answers will be collected and winners announced at the end of the week.
  • Lunchtime- A TASTE OF CHINA Stall at the canteen area.
Tuesday 23 August
  • Year 6 guest speakers - Sporting Personalities. Period 2 - All Yr 6 will attend  Supervising teachers- L Heininger/ W Naftel/ D Stagg/ A Omar Venue - Black Box theatre.
  • Lunchtime- A TASTE OF SPAIN Stall at  the canteen area.
Wednesday 24 August
  • Yr 5 will visit LOTE classes Periods 1 and 2 - Supervising teachers- L Heininger/ I Manders- Jones/ Wan/ Hor/ Fadhly/ A. Omar/ A Oughon / S Freeman.  Students involved- Periods 1 and 2 - Yrs 9/10 elective LOTE students.
  • Lunchtime- A TASTE OF FRANCE  Stall at the cafè as well as French musical items performed by students
Thursday 25 August
  • Lunchtime- A TASTE OF MALAYSIA Stall at the cafè as well as musical items performed by the YRs 9/ 10 Malaysian Cultural Studies class.
  • ALL Year 8 Period 5. Open Forum about Education in Malaysia. Teachers involved ( A Jafari, F Tighe, P Goonting)
  • Venue: Black Box theatre
Friday 26 August International Day