Ariana Eimer, Year 6 excels in Wakeboarding


Ariana Eimer, 6G was invited to compete at the Indonesian Waterski and Wakeboard Open 2015 in Bandung, Indonesia from 19th to 22nd of March 2015.


After a challenging familiarisation test ride on the lake in Bandung, which did not go so well for her, Ariana was quite worried about her performances for the upcoming competition days.


Everyone had "reasonable expectations" as to how Ariana would perform because she was the youngest competing Wakeboard athlete in the competition. Her mum hoped that she would not fall during her preliminary run as it was only her second competition ever. Ariana's coach, Faisal hoped for her to ride her way to the Semi-Finals.


However to everyone's delight, Ariana, made it all the way to the Finals. It was an absolute surprising, yet encouraging experience for Ariana and she is practicing for the next upcoming challenge, determined to improve even further!


Congratulations to Ariana on her outstanding spirit, determination and final result!