Australian Mathematics Competition and New Students


Kylie Booker, Director of Curriculum and Innovation

As a new initiative of the school we are now facilitating the Australian Mathematics Competition. The competition aims to be accessible to all students from Years 3 to 12, not just the mathematically gifted. There is an emphasis on problem solving, a valuable life skill, and the questions are designed to be fun for the student.

The cost of the competition is RM30 which includes an online preparation course called GETSET AMC. I would encourage all parents to consider this exciting opportunity.

The top two students in each year group from Year 6-10 onwards will be selected to participate in the 2016 Australian Intermediate Mathematical Olympiad (AIMO), which is the first screening competition for the prestigious Australian Mathematical Olympiad Invitational Program.

We encourage all parents to consider this exciting opportunity for their child/children to be involved.

To view the letter click here : Australian Mathematics Competition

Please register your child/children through the ​google registration form​. Please note that registrations will then be forwarded onto finance and the entry fee added to your school account. Unfortunately we are unable to consider late applications so please ensure your registration is submitted by Friday,18 March.


New Students

AISM is delighted to welcome the following new students who joined us recently.

No Surname First Name Year Group Gender Nationality
1 Grimm Arthur Alex ELCW Male German
2 Grimm Armin Alexander ELCG Male German
3 Aranya Sudipto Chakraborty 6G Male Bangladesh
4 Wrate Jessica 8M Female Malaysia
5 Wrate Maria 8W Female Malaysia
6 Bogers Afique Danial Izzad 12G Male