Basic First Aid and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Class


Denise McFarlane, School Nurse

Year 5W class was given a First Aid and CPR class by the Head School Nurse Denise McFarlane (Mrs Mac) on Thursday 16 February.

Basic First Aid is the initial assistance or treatment given to someone who is injured or suddenly taken ill. It is important for students to learn basic first aid and CPR and to know which is the emergency number to call for an Ambulance or Emergency Services in Malaysia (999)

The topics covered were Burns, Bleeding, Fractures and CPR. Students also learnt how to keep themselves safe from the transmission of bodily fluids.

The students were excited and keen to ask lots of questions. Danielle Bryers a student in the class offered to assist Mrs Mac in the practical demonstration with triangular sling and bandaging. Danielle was quite knowledgeable on these topics as her mother was a nurse.

Mrs Mac Farlane found Year 5 students to be an absolute delight to teach as they were attentive, well-mannered and keen to learn.

Special thanks to Year 5W classroom teacher Mr Jason Redstone worked well with Health Services and the School Nurses to set up this Health Class for his students.

Vaccinations Program, Thursday 16 March 2017

Last year, Health Services organised a Vaccination Program for the students of AISM. This was a great success where parents accompanied their children and the process was quick and efficient. The doctor from Damansara Medical Centre helped alleviate any fears the students and parents might have.

AISM is planning to offer this vaccination programme again for students who need to be vaccinated before the camp week to offer better protection and for those students aged 4, 7, 12 and 16,here at the school, through Ramsay Sime Darby Healthcare.

The date this term is Thursday 16 March and the location will be Health Services. Payment will be made directly to the healthcare provider on the day.

To help us gauge the number and type of vaccines that need to be provided on the day, we encourage interested parents to complete the attached form and drop them off at Health Services. Please complete your response by Friday, 10 March.

If you have any queries please contact the School Nurses, Denise McFarlane and Alice Law at