Careers Corner


Chris Broadbent, Careers and Pathways Advisor with students

As we begin our new school year, it is a good opportunity for students to identify some of the areas in which each child can be supported by the AISM Careers and Pathways service. Although I do get a number of enquiries from parents of younger students, the Careers and Pathways service is designed primarily to support students in the Senior School who are making the transition from school to what lies beyond. There are a number of ways in which AISM supports your child.

University Fairs and Visits

We are lucky to welcome a large number of universities to AISM over the course of the year. Many visits occur during lunchtimes where a visiting university representative has the chance to chat informally or present a talk to students. These visits are advertised in the daily notices and all students in Middle and Senior Schools are welcome to attend. AISM also hosts a number of university fairs, usually at the start of Semester 2. We host an Australian University Fair and an International University Fair. These are open to all students and parents.

Futurewise Membership

AISM works with the UK registered charity ‘Inspiring Futures’ to provide an opportunity for students in Year 10 and above to make the best choices with regards to subject selections and choosing the right university course for them. Futurewise membership begins with psychometric profiling, designed to identify abilities, aptitudes, personality traits and interests. This profiling looks for fundamental abilities and the scores are not improved by revision so students of all academic abilities are able to complete the process. Students have to pay to become a member of Futurewise, but that one off payment supports students until the age of 23, entitling them to continued careers advice well beyond their school years. Profiling will take place at the end of May so please check future newsletters for more information.

Careers Program in Year 9 ‘This is me’

In Year 9, students receive Careers Education as part of their advisory time. The unit provides opportunities for students to develop their decision-making skills. Students are investigating the opportunities and their own interests and preferences. The unit also draws on and reflects upon a JIIG-CAL CareerVoyage online questionnaire thats allows students to explore their strengths and interests.   

Careers Program in Year 10 ‘Investigating the world of work’ & Subject Selection

During their advisory time, Year 10 students develop their career skills of Self Development, Career Exploration and Career Management in preparation for their Careers Research Project (or Work Experience). The Careers Research Project runs at the end of Year 10 and offers an opportunity to experience, at first-hand, the world of work outside of school. Students have found placements in many companies around Kuala Lumpur and beyond including Tourism Malaysia, Gleneagles Hospital, BFM, Astro, BP, PriceWaterhouseCoopers and Monash University.

All Year 10 students are also interviewed and counselled ahead of their all important subject selections for HSC.

Careers Program in Years 11 and 12

The main focus of the careers and pathways service in Years 11 and 12 is to assist students with research and application for university or other institutions of further learning. This is provided in a number of ways:

  • Careers Clinic - students are able to book regular recess counseling sessions in the Careers Centre
  • Workshops - students are able to attend a varied of workshops throughout the year to assist with the application process
  • Taylor’s International Alliance Network (TIAN) - AISM works closely with TIAN to provide additional counseling and workshops opportunities to students.
  • Interviews - students in Year 12 have a formal careers interview to discuss their academic progress and university options.