Careers Corner


Chris Broadbent, Careers and Pathways Advisor

AISM welcomed two guest speakers recently who spoke to large groups of interested students from Middle and Senior School.

On Wednesday 19 October, we were lucky to have Dr Mark Edwards, the Head of Psychology from Bond University, give a guest lecture to students on ‘The Art of Persuasion: Conformity, Compliance and Obedience’. The short lecture explored some of the fascinating techniques of persuasion through social influence. Dr Edwards showed us how anecdotal and empirical evidence suggests that under the right conditions people can be coaxed, pressured and coerced into doing virtually anything. This was a very popular talk, with over 30 students in attendance. For more information on Psychology at Bond University, please visit

On Tuesday 25 October, Professor Andrew Ooi from the University of Melbourne’s School of Engineering spoke to around 20 students on the different strands of Engineering on offer and the structure of courses on available at the University of Melbourne. Degrees at the University of Melbourne are different to those courses available at most Australian universities. Known as the ‘Melbourne Model’ and introduced in 2008, the 96 undergraduate courses available were replaced with six undergraduate degrees. The aim of the ‘Melbourne Model’ is the follow the American pattern of four-year arts or science degrees followed by graduate school. The strength of the model is that is offers a wide degree of breadth to their courses, allowing students to choose what areas to major on during the course, rather than choosing a narrow course from the start. If you would like to know more about the University of Melbourne, please visit