Chin Immersion and Co Curricular Program


Service Learning - Chin Immersion and Co Curricular Program

It has been such a rewarding experience working with the Chin students this year and watching them go from being shy, quiet individuals to blossoming into confident and engaged young people.

The Chin Immersion program started at AISM around six years ago as part of our Service Learning program. The aim of the visits is to help Chin students gain experience in a mainstream classroom to help make the transition to school a little bit easier when they are permanently resettled. The Chin students visit once a fortnight and participate in various classes across the JS and MSS.

As the year draws to a close, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the teachers and students who have welcomed the Chin students into our school community with open arms. The Chin students look forward to each visit with much anticipation and have thoroughly enjoyed their visits to the JS and MSS.

Here are some quotes from the Chin students reflecting on their time at AISM:

The best thing I did is learn with the AISM students and improve my English.” (Cherry, 14)

“I have new knowledge and new friends.” (Simon, 11)

“I am so happy because I read storybooks, picture books and fairytales in the library.” (Christ 11)

The best thing I did in my classroom lesson is when the teacher asked me a question. I gave the right answer and the teacher said “Oh good!” I was so happy. I am very happy to be here” (Henry, 11)

“The best thing I did was learn Science. This was new and exciting.” (Flavia,13)

I would also like to thank the teachers who have volunteered to be part of the Chin Co-curricular program. This program offers the Chin students a chance to participate in new and different activities using the facilities at AISM. This Semester we did Art, Cooking, Dance and Games. An extra special thanks must go to the students who have volunteered to help with the Chin students during the CCA activities. The warm welcome and generosity you have shown the Chin students each visit has been commendable.

Here are some quotes from AISM students reflecting on their experiences working with the Chin students:

“The best thing about being with the Chin students is that we got to learn different languages and had fun meeting people from different cultures” (Siyonna, 3W)

“.....we became good friends with the Chin and learned their language.” (Yuan, 4W)

“Helping out with the Chin students was one of the best things because it is fun and I got to learn more about them.” (Joel 8M)

We look forward to welcoming the Chin into the AISM community in 2016.