Alison Brand, Science Teacher

The Asia-Pacific Forum for Science talented students is being held from 19 to 24 July in Taipei, Taiwan. This forum will be held at the National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei. Students from all over the Asia Pacific have been chosen to participate in this event.

The students were nominated by their Science teachers for their ongoing excellent academic results and their potential to contribute to science in the future. The students were then interviewed by a panel of academics representing Malaysian Universities and the National Association for the Gifted Malaysia (NAGCM). It was with great pride that five of the six seats in the Malaysian team were selected from our AISM students. This is a great honour and achievement for the school and is indicative of the confidence and ability of our students to perform both academically and in a global context. The interview panel expressed how incredibly impressed they were with our students throughout the interview process and these students are to be congratulated on being selected to represent AISM and Malaysia in this global event.

The students attending are Ashley Boudeville (8W), Alexander Kam (8W), Airyl Shazli (9G), Qi Lin Kong (9M), and Samuel Wong (10M). Mrs Alison Brand will be accompanying them. They will be participating in an exciting range of forums, hands-on projects, presentations and cultural events. We wish these students a safe and memorable experience!