Collaborative Learning


Alison Jafari, Human Society and Its Environment (HSIE) and Geographic Teacher

On Wednesday 3 August, students from 8G hosted a visit from the ELC Geckos class! As part of our studies for last term, we made Terrariums (miniature glasshouses), and we showed the students the plants and animals that we had inside. The Geckos have been learning about living and non-living things, so we also made some games for them to play. They were very good at classifying whether something was living or not, completed some spot-the-difference tasks, and also played memory games. We also wanted to create a lasting memory of the visit, so we asked students to create a flower garden for us, using paper flowers, and placed that on the window of our classroom (AG08); it looks great!  The ELC students have such a great knowledge of living and non-living things already, and the Year 8 students were very impressed with how smart they were! The Year 8 students did a fantastic job in working at the different stations and interacted excellently with the ELC students. It was wonderful to be able to share some time with the youngest members of our school.


Subject Selection
Ivan McLean, Head of Middle and Senior Schools

This past week has been a very busy time for our Careers and Pathways Coordinator, Mr Chris Broadbent. Students in Years 8 and 10 were given the opportunity to speak with teachers and Heads of Department regarding possible subject choices for the next stage of their education. These choices are very important and need to be guided by what students really enjoy studying and what they will be successful in studying.

In addition to the information received on subject selection, students and families have been invited to partake in the forthcoming University fairs. Representatives from all major universities in Australia, and then from South-East Asia, will be present. Students will be able to gain valuable information on courses offered at more than 45 institutions over the two days. I hope that our students and families will appreciate and fully utilise this valuable time and opportunity to investigate potential university pathways and courses, especially those who are seeking to make informed choices about subjects and setting goals for tertiary study.

Last Friday we had the opportunity to celebrate the academic achievements of students in the Middle and Senior School from Semester One. Many students were presented with awards for both Academic Achievement and Encouragements from every subject area. It is a very proud moment for a student to receive such an award and it was fitting to recognise the dedication and hard work that our students have put into their studies. Congratulations to all of the award winners, but also to all of those students who tried their best in Semester One; the challenge is to improve upon your results for Semester Two!

Finally, our Year 12 students are now halfway through their Trial HSC examinations. I wish them well for the duration of their examination period and look forward to seeing them all return for the House Swimming Carnival on Tuesday 16 August.