End of Semester


Graeme Naftel, Head of Junior School

One of the wonderful aspects of life in an international school is that we regularly have the pleasure of new learners and their families joining our community. Next term there will be 28 (and possibly more) new students joining the Junior School and I am sure we will all make them welcome. Unfortunately however, there are also just over a dozen students leaving the Junior School, with the vast majority returning to their home country. To these students we wish you all the very best of luck in your new school and we trust that you will remember your time at AISM fondly.

I wish all Junior School families a safe and relaxing holiday and look forward to seeing you all for the start of Term 3 on Wednesday 20 July. Remember to keep your children reading and practising number facts over the holidays. A little number work and reading each day will make a big difference to the children when they return. To our Muslim families, Selamat Hari Raya, and to our other families, I wish you all a safe and happy holidays.


Thank you to all those parents who assisted last Friday with the Stage 1 Swimming Carnival. It was wonderful to see so many of our children in the water, and this would not have been possible without so many parents swimming laps to support our students. Thank you also to Mr Roberts and the Stage 1 teachers for all their work on the day and congratulations to Freeman for being crowned the winning house on the day.

For more photos click here:    Swimming Carnival  



Ms Kelly Holmes, who has been teaching EAL in the Junior School, will be taking on the Middle and Senior School EAL role from Term 3. On behalf of the Junior School team, we thank her for all she has contributed to the Junior School. Ms Alicia Low, who this term has been filling in as the Assistant Teacher of Year 4, will be stepping into this important EAL role next semester. Ms Low is a graduate of Taylor’s College, and has dual degrees in Linguistics and Psychology from Carnegie Mellon University in Pennsylvania. She taught in government schools since returning to Malaysia from the USA. Over the last term, where she was covering for Ms Dali who was on maternity leave, she has completed a comprehensive handover with Ms Holmes, and is very much looking forward to starting work with the EAL students and working with Mrs Larkworthy, Ms Freeman and Year 5.

Mitchell O'Brien, Year 3 Home Room Teacher

Last Wednesday, Year 3 participated in a 'Day of Health'. Professional members of our community came in and shared their knowledge with our learners. Thank you to Lavaniya Panicker, Kylie Neighbour, Liz Gilbert and Sally Renfrey for giving of their time to speak to Year 3 about hygiene, physiotherapy, podiatry and keeping fit.

Ms Bradley’s 10G kept the children on their toes by putting them through an exercise course and a dance routine.

Mrs MacFarlane and Nurse Alice treated the students to an entertaining lesson about healthy lunch boxes.

The day concluded with Year 3 students visiting the MSS to learn from their older peers at the STEM Showcase.

Thank you to all of the students for actively engaging in the day and parents and teachers for ensuring the day’s success.


Bahasa Malaysia and Malaysian Cultural Studies
Consumerism Scrapbook and Poster Competition

During Term 2, the Years 4 and 5 students participated in a competition organized by FOMCA in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Malaysia. FOMCA is a non-government organisation that is voluntary, non-profit, non-political and civic-oriented. It is the umbrella body of registered consumer associations in Malaysia. This annual competition that the children from Year 4 and Year 5 will be participating in the Consumerism Scrapbook and Poster Competition. The topic for this annual competition was ‘Environmental Pollution’ or ‘Pencemaran Alam Sekitar’.


Spell it right!

The focus in Year 2 Bahasa this semester was developing vocabulary and using correct spelling. Students participated in different spelling activities including our own spelling games, like ‘The Witch Chair’, where learners were given clues by the spelling witch on the chair. This is just one of the many activities used to increase the learners’ vocabulary and spelling accuracy.



Wau Bulan Making

Wau Bulan or Moon Kite is a famous big kite and one of the traditional games in Malaysia. This term learners in Year 3 had the opportunity to make a small model of Wau Bulan. The began by making the skeleton of Wau Bulan by using bamboo stick and went on to design patterns and decorations.





Year 3 Excursion
Mitchell O'Brien, Year 3 Home Room Teacher

On Thursday 9 June, Year 3 ventured to the National Mosque and were given guided tours around the grounds. The students were full of inquisitive and thoughtful questions. The tour guides were very helpful in answering them. We were all amazed at the beautiful patterns and calligraphy found throughout this amazing place of Islamic worship.

Year 3 then crossed the road to the Islamic Arts Museum of Malaysia. Here the students enjoyed making batik prints and experimenting with colour. They also toured around the museum enjoying and sketching artefacts from yesteryear. The students were well-behaved and did AISM proud.

This excursion was to gain a deeper knowledge and appreciation of our Inquiry unit, 'Unity Through Diversity'. It was a fun day celebrating and discussing history, culture and religion.

Ramadhan and Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Wishing a great and happy Ramadhan and Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all AISM staff and students. May happiness be always with you. Have a great holiday.

Cikgu Adila and Cikgu Fadhly