Grade of The Week - Year 4


Graeme Naftel, Head of Junior School

Visible Learning in Year 4

Year 4 have been focusing on developing the students' understanding of, and ability to express, "why" they are learning what they are learning. This has involved helping the students be able to state what they are learning rather than what they are doing. The continuing development of this distinction has occurred primarily through class discussions as well as individual and class reflections.

During Term 3 the Year 4 students have been writing interesting descriptions. Below are two examples:

ICAS Testing

As we walked into the room, we saw all the test papers on the table. They were piled up as tall as a skyscraper. We sat down as nervously as a shivering cat. We could touch the papers and our pencils. There was not much sound because everybody was concentrating on their work. We sharpened our pencils, as sharp as a bird’s beak, then the test began. The room was filled with cold air that shivers. After 45 minutes the test finally ended. Everybody was thrilled to leave because it was extremely hard.
Wing Sum Lee, 4W

First Fleet Journey

Wind lashed my face as I stood on the bow of Lady Castlereagh. Foam from the wind attacked and retreated over and over again. Noise echoed all around me as the ship reared from side to side. Despite all the noises and rush, fear swept through my mind like a broom. It was getting late and dark clouds began to form; we were in for a rough night. I retreated to the “CREW CABIN” and the familiar sounds of babies’ cries filled the room. It was the time of the day that I hated the most. The ship rocked and rolled, twisting backwards and forwards. I looked up from the disgusting blue bucket I was holding. The stench coming from it was unbearable. I felt sick!
Hanz Lee, 4G


The Year 4 students have been investigating tessellation in Mathematics recently. The learners were given a 10cm x 10cm piece of card and were required to create a “monster” shape which they traced around to produce a repeating pattern of “monsters”.