Grade of The Week - Year 5


Visible Learning

Year 5 have been thinking about ways that we can make our thinking and learning visible to ourselves and each other. Our recent whole grade Mathematics investigation was all about calculating elapsed time and how we might go about representing our knowledge and understanding, so that it is visible and we can talk about what we have learned. Below are the examples of our visual representations of calculating elapsed time.

Year 5 have been learning to apply strategies that create suspense in their writing. These include: use of ellipsis, short sentences, onomatopoeia, similes and metaphors, emotive language, ‘show don’t tell’, how to ‘hook the reader in’ and beginning the story at a point of high action. Shared below is "The Chase" written by Rance Wong of 5G.

As part of our 2016 Inquiry program, learners completed a unit of work entitled, ‘Why does matter matter?’  This unit, built on understandings of the properties of solids and liquids, then looked specifically at the observable properties and behaviours of gas. Learners worked in cooperative learning teams to explore how adding and removing heat can impact on these properties and result in changes to the states of matter. Through class discussions, group tasks and scientific investigations, learners developed an understanding of how the observable properties and behaviours of these states of matter can be used to help classify substances. Below are two activities completed by 5W learners, both in small groups and as a whole class, that demonstrate their evolving understanding of properties that identify the states of matter.