Junior School Camps


Year 3

Day 1

By Iggy Jones and Yue Yi Tan, 3W

Year 3 went to Eagle Ranch, Port Dickson on Thursday 23 March to build a bigger team. We went there on a bus.

First of all we went to Eagle Ranch and it took more than one hour! Secondly we went into our cabins. Next we played dodgeball and parachute games. Then we went horse riding and it was SO cool!

Lunch was next. There was some of the best food there. Archery was next and Iggy shot a bull’s eye. It was the best activity.

After dinner we had a talent quest. It was very funny. Finally we went to bed. We thought it was amazing and felt excited about the next day.

Day 2

Claudia Dobson and Dylan Butler, 3G

First we woke up and got changed. Secondly, we went to the buffet to eat a delicious breakfast of pancakes, hashbrowns, salad and juice. Next, we went back to our wagons to wait for the rain to stop. Some people told spooky stories, and others explored everybody’s wagons.

When the rain stopped we went jungle trekking! We went past the beach and stopped and played there. Some people threw rocks into the water and some people collected shells.

After that we were about to go to the pool, but it started raining again. We waited in our cabins and packed up our suitcases.

Finally, we had a camp photo and went on the bus back home.

We thought it was amazing and enjoyable and very fun! We felt so sad to leave and we would have been very happy to stay longer. We wonder if we could have more days at Eagle Ranch! 

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Year 4

Duc Nguyen, 4G

We went to stay at Paradise Valley, Broga for our Year 4 Camp. Before we got to Paradise Valley, we went to the Broga Temple. It was based on the animals of the Chinese zodiac.

When we arrived at Paradise Valley, the teachers announced the people who were in the same dorm as us. We unpacked our stuff, and were split into four groups to do four different activities. I was in Group 2 with Mr Roberts. We did Abseiling, Flying Fox, Indoor Games and Wall Climbing. My favourite was the Flying Fox. I overcame my fears of speed and height.

After the activities, we had dinner. The food was great.

The next morning, we had breakfast, went for a hike and came back to camp where there were nine games waiting for us. There was Jumping Sack, Water Relay, Big Foot Race and a lot more. We had lunch, then prepared for our Talent Night before we had Afternoon Tea.

Then we changed into our swimwear and went Kayaking. I was with Ryan and Aaryan. After a few boats were pushed in, nearly everyone was jumping in the water and switching boats. It was around 2 ½ hours until we had to go back to our dorms and shower. After having dinner, we had the Talent Night. Every student, individually or in a group, had to perform something to the whole of Year 4. I performed ‘The Old Man that Always got hit on the Head’ with Aaryan and Ka Jun.

The next day, we made Friendship Bracelets, and played Futsal. We won 7-0. After that we had a big game of Treasure Hunt. Each group had to find the eight clues to find the big clue that could lead you to victory. Team 4 won fair and square. After that we went to the Organic Fireflies Farm and we were given vegetables to take home. When we set off back to AISM, a lot of us wanted to go back to Paradise Valley again.

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Year 5 - Camp GO! (Not related to Pokemon GO!)

Hanz Lee (5W) - the girl who definitely did not cry through Moana or eat eight bread rolls for breakfast !

On 21 March 2017, the overexcited Year 5s, Mr Redstone, Mrs Larkworthy, Ms Manpreet and Ms Alicia, left AISM for a glorious camp at the luxurious Lemut, Swiss Garden Beach Resort, Jalan Damai Laut for four days and three nights. But to reach this heavenly paradise we first had to embark on a five hour bus ride.

When we reached our destination it was already 2:30pm so of course they we starving! We were all treated with a pleasant smile and piles of food, each dish more lavish than the last. After eating, the girls hopped on to the great big tram while the boys were envious with jealousy as they looked on from vans. We reached the fish feeding dock and ran up to receive bread from the tour guide to feed the fish. After that, we had half an hour to go swimming. The water immediately cooled everybody down and after a satisfying swim we went to the beach for TELEMATCHES! We competed and played and frolicked until dinner. After dinner we all painted t-shirts and had loads of fun.

The next day couldn't get any better! We had a whale of a time on the banana boats and didn't want to get off, but of course we had to… Next, we were split into three groups and had a blast at mini-soccer, volleyball (with the incredibly hard volleyball) and archery. After that Jasmin, Raiqa and Tiyandza had created their very own spa, with massages and hairdos. Mrs Larkworthy simply could not resist! The Year 5s headed onto the bus yet again to go on an amazing tour of the turtle sanctuary. Each different turtle had its own specialty and each different from one another.

Following the day’s events, we were led to a beautiful looking buffet placed graciously around the room. Afterwards we were led to a dimly lit room and sat down on either beanbags or chairs, to watch a movie. After the movie we hurried to bed and dreamt anxiously about what would happen tomorrow.

The next morning the sun shone as brightly as it could, the crisp air of the beach filled the entire resort and we had another lovely breakfast where I definitely did not eat eight bread rolls! We took the last class picture and reflected on the enjoyable memories. We said one last goodbye to the people who had guided us throughout our stay. We all had a great time and will never forget this unforgettable journey of fun, building friendships and learning new things.

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