STEM Showcase


Simon Matheson, Head of Department - Science and Technology

“The STEM exhibition demonstrated the inventive and creative spirit of the participants. The inventions were very diverse and I’m sure the students learned valuable scientific principles whilst designing and constructing their exhibits.”

(Rod McBride, father of Year 9 student Wesley McBride)

“The STEM Showcase was a great way of highlighting how the students are actively engaging with Science in fun and innovative ways. I was really impressed with the variety of projects and experiments on show, and just how knowledgeable and enthusiastic the students were in demonstrating their work. I found that the Eco students were especially passionate about their topic. They should all be very proud!”  

(Karen Weir, mother of Year 9 student Eve Weir and Year 7 student Ross Weir)  

Congratulations to all students and staff involved in the AISM Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Showcase that was hosted on Wednesday 15 June.  Students from Years 6 to Years 10 presented projects across a vast field of Science and Technology including:  

  • Experimental investigations into rates of reaction using starch Iodine clock reactions
  • Experimental investigations into how heat and sound waves transfer  
  • Environmental awareness campaigns focused on renewable energies
  • Promotions of scientific and technological evidence which contribute to managing the impact of natural events
  • F1 Schools competition, encouraging engineering, management, marketing and innovation
  • Robotics and App development through Information and Software Technologies

From 2:20pm to 3:10pm the Junior School visited with students across Years 2 to 5, who made the verandahs of the A Block abuzz with excitement and education.  Many commented on the enthusiasm and quality of knowledge of the presenting students, which is encouraging for the future of AISM achievements internally and externally.  Special thanks must go to the students who remained behind after school to treat the parents and visitors to a special showcase of student work which has been developing in the passions of our students for a long time.  When given the opportunity it was evident that AISM is brimming with talented higher order thinkers and collaborative team members.

For more photos click here:    STEM Showcase  

World Environment Day
Mrs Alison Jafari, Human Society and Its Environment (HSIE) and Geographic Teacher
Year 8 celebrated World Environment Day by making terrariums in class! In our small groups we researched the different layers of the rainforest and determined how we needed to layer the soil and moss and for the best growth of our plants. Once we had created our soil mix, we planted two plants and gave the soil a good water. We then covered the terrarium again, and have watched the plants grow since - we have effectively created our own mini ecosystem, which is self- watering. It has been interesting to see the amount of condensation that forms on the sides of the plastic bottles, and we have discussed how this terrarium is therefore self-feeding and self-sustaining.
The Great Global Letter Race

At the start of the year my classmates and I received a letter from a school in Europe. They were participating in a competition called the Great Global Letter Race. This is where we write a letter to someone in the world and write a bit about ourselves. Mrs Naftel decided our class should participate in this amazing race too. So I choose to write to my old school in New Zealand, Mount Maunganui Primary School, I didn't expect anything to arrive. After about a month or so me and Yin Jenn received a letter back! My letter was from a girl called Mairangi Te Ahuru-Quinn. It was great fun to communicate and learn about other people far away from the country you are currently in. Also old fashioned letters are a great way to contact others instead of using email or the Internet. I hope you guys participate in the Great Global Letter Race too. Get writing!!

By Lara Genet-Parry, Year 6W

The Global Letter Race is a race where Year 6 students around the world get the chance to send letters to other Year 6 students around the globe. A girl from Switzerland called Maria wrote to our school. I wrote to a school in Hong Kong called the ‘Australian International School Hong Kong (AISHK)’. I chose Hong Kong because I wanted to know what it was like living there and how AISHK was like.

About two weeks after I sent the letter, a reply came back. A girl called Ella replied to my letter. At first I was excited, but at the same time I was a little bit nervous opening my letter, but when I started reading, it seemed like Ella was a nice girl.

I would definitely recommend all Year 6 students to participate in the GLR (Global Letter Race), it is a fun way of learning to write letters as well as learning about people from all over the world.

By Yin Jenn, Year 6W