Transition from Childhood Into Adolescence


Justin West, School Counsellor

Welcome back to Term 3. I hope the vacation was a relaxing one and our students are recharged and ready to launch back into their studies.

In this edition’s article, I wanted to talk a little about the transition from childhood into adolescence. Childhood is a time of possibility and wonder, where children explore the world from a point of innocence and trust in the world around them. The world offers infinite possibilities. Their capacity for imagination is immense, the possibilities of what might be are endless. Adolescence can also be a time of discovery, excitement and delight, but is can also be a time of confusion and challenge for both the young person and their parents.

Parents of adolescents often ask “Is my child normal? Why did he/she do that? Children generally believe what their parents tell them, but in adolescence, they are more likely to question and challenge authority, and need to talk things through more.

There is lots of change going on for the young person - physically, emotionally, cognitively, socially, and this can be both exciting and stressful ( not to mention confusing ) at the same time. For the parent, what might have worked beautifully for you in supporting your child may not work now. It may require a totally different way of parenting.

Next week, I will be facilitating  a parent information workshop on ‘Parenting your Middle Schooler’.  The aim of the session is for parents to meet with other parents with Middle Schoolers and to have the opportunity to learn more  about some of the developmental changes that our youngsters go through as they move into adolescence, and how parents might support their child as they ‘ride the rapids of adolescence’.  This session will be ideal for parents of our Years 6 to 8 students - you are likely to be ‘right in the thick of it!’

Parents will have the opportunity to both share ideas and experiences. The session will be held in the Large Discussion Room in the Library on Tuesday, 2 August with a 9.00am start. I look forward to seeing many of our Middle School parents there.