World Scholar's Cup Global Round Bangkok June 2016

​A Tribute to the AISM Scholaroos
Rosie Rozain (Parent of Airyl Ahmad Shazli, 9G)
I am familiar basking in that victorious glory. As a Deputy Public Prosecutor, most of the fraudulent crimes I prosecute feature evidence that can be proven beyond reasonable doubt. However, being involved with the AISM Scholaroos at the Global Round in Bangkok took me onto another level of euphoria.

AISM had set its sights on faring well at the Regional Round of the World Scholar’s Cup in May 2016, and mission accomplished. Airyl led the pack, under the heavy weight of medals and as Regional Overall Champion, returned to AISM with the AISM Scholaroos bestowed with medals and trophies. All the teams qualified onto the Global Round. This is the result of the dedicated tutelage of Chris Broadbent and Alex Stavenuiter, who had encouraged our Scholaroos to slog daily after their homework, and meeting them weekly to further improve their writing and debating skills.

This year our Scholaroos did not see beyond the Regional Round in Kuala Lumpur as the Global Round in Bangkok was fixed during the first week of the school holidays. This program was not slotted in AISM’s curriculum. But the overwhelming success and momentum of the Scholaroos could not be contained. Fuelled by parents’ encouragement and the cooperation of Chris, Alex and the school, the further voyage was chartered. To help helm the Scholaroos was yours truly, determined that they would be given proper guidance there and reinforcement.

From the word go, I was truly humbled by the Scholaroos. Airyl, Erja, Alexander, Taasia, Jemma, Taiitsu, Ashlyn, Louisa and Ann were AISM’s army in the Junior Division. Ghazi, Xian Lin and Carey held the banner in the Senior Division. Each and every one of them showed determination to excel in such intense and competitive environment. They were steadfast in their focus. Nonetheless what bowled me over was their attitude of working together and encouraging one another. That esprit de corp displayed was admirable. They each demonstrated that selfless courage to ensure that their team was geared to succeed. Grit and perseverance were effortlessly worn like a second skin. 3400 scholars from 50 countries were just a number to them. Unshaken by the enormity of it all, they absorbed every pointer and piece of advice I accorded in their quest to bring home glory. It was such an honour to be with them.

When the Alpaca-in-Chief/Founder Daniel Berdichevsky announced that there would only be 1000 medals to be awarded, Airyl quietly pulled me aside imploring for pep talk in case anyone did not afford a medal. That I did, declaring that their behaviour and actions at the Global Round made each of them a champion in my eyes and that their parents, their Mr Broadbent and Ms Alex, and AISM would be proud of them.

It turned out that my worry were unfounded. Our Scholaroos received Honour Medals in every category. A special mention for securing Gold are Team Airyl, Erja Alexander in 19th place for collaborative writing, Team Ashlyn, Louisa and Ann are intimidatingly 35th place in debate and Team Ghazi, Xian Lin and Carey in the Scholar’s Bowl. Individual Gold medals hang around the necks of Erja for Writing, Louisa for Debate and Airyl for School Top Scholar. Our teams qualified for the Tournament of Champions at Yale University this November.

Success definitely builds on success. That spark burning bright in the eyes of Jemma is like a beacon encouraging the rest to propel forward to attain achievement at the Tournament of Champions in Yale. It is their hope that they can catapult further to crystallise their hardwork, intellect and grit at the elite prestigious round. The war cry is indeed “On to Yale!”

I dedicate this tribute to AISM for providing the platform to build the Scholaroos’ success. I dedicate this in gratitude to Chris Broadbent and Alex S. I most certainly dedicate this to Airyl, Erja, Alexander, Taasia, Jemma, Taiitsu, Ashlyn, Louisa, Ann, Ghazi, Xian Lin and Carey.

HSC 2017­ Parents of Current Year 11 students
Alex Stavenuiter, Learning Enrichment Teacher

The Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards (BOSTES) has a program to help students with practical support in their Higher School Certificate (HSC) examinations. This practical support, known as provisions, assists students to read examination questions and to write their answers. Provisions may include rest rest breaks, extended writing or reading time or small or individual supervised rooms. The use of any provision is not written on the student’s results. Students may need provisions for:

  • a permanent condition, such as diabetes or reading difficulty
  • a temporary condition, such as a broken arm, or
  • an intermittent condition, such as back pain when sitting for long periods

To apply for provisions, the school submits an online application to BOSTES. This application tells BOSTES which provisions the student is requesting and includes recent evidence. Evidence may include medical reports, reading results, spelling results, writing samples and teacher comments. If you think that you or your child may require support in completing the HSC examinations for 2017, please discuss the matter with Ms Alex. Please contact her through email by Friday 29 July so we can begin collating the required documents.