Counsellor Corner


Counsellor Corner - 6th November

This week’s article is the third in the series on supporting your teenager in the area of friendship, peer pressure, risk taking and alcohol use. The article, from the Australian Drug Foundation, is titled ‘Hosting Teenage Parties’ and it provides some great ideas for parents and young people in highlighting things to consider when planning a gathering - be it a party, gathering or sleepover. It deals directly with the issue of ‘Duty of Care’ for parents in providing a safe environment for young people to party. You will note that in certain places it refers to talking with your local police station, and registering your party with them - this option is available in Australia. Living in a multicultural community, it is also important to note that here in Malaysia, the legal age for alcohol consumption is 18 years  for non-Muslims – there is no legal drinking age for Muslims as it is against the law for them to consume these beverages. Next year, I am planning a number of workshops for parents on a range of adolescent-related topics such as Substance Use; Parenting in the Digital Age; Parenting my Middle Schooler; Transition, etc. Further details on dates / location will be posted in the near future.