Overview Of Our Australian Curriculum

The Australian Curriculum builds global leaders 

Australian education has produced 15 Nobel Laureates, Olympic gold medallists, scientists, inventors and business leaders who have made a big impact on the global stage. 

From the discovery of a core technology that led to the invention of WIFI by John O’ Sullivan, an Australian engineer, the mass production of penicillin by Australian-born Howard Florey and the fact that every commercial airplane flies with an Australian invention (the black box) are just some of the Australian innovations that have helped push humanity forward. Out of the top 100 universities around the world, eight are Australian, with the Australian National University (ANU) being in the top twenty.

With a population of only 23 million, Australia has produced many more than its fair share of the world's best and brightest minds. 

Why choose the Australian curriculum at AISM?

An Australian education is highly sought after, with the 2015 Legatum Prosperity Index rating it as number one in the world.

A rigorous, internationally recognised curriculum, opening doors for your child

Preparing 21st century explorers

  • Your child learns more than the academic knowledge and skills needed - intercultural understanding, ethics, critical and creative thinking and digital skills are embedded within subject learning.
  • We offer a wide range of subject options in the senior years, so you child doesn’t have to narrow their focus too early on, opening up more university options and career opportunities.
  • The Australian Curriculum is up to date, continually reviewed, thoroughly researched, and written with your child’s needs in mind in the fast changing 21st century.

Meaningful assessment measuring your child’s real learning

  • The Higher School Certificate (HSC), is based on 50% school based assignments, exams and projects, and 50% on an external exam (which is also used to moderate school-based assessments). It’s recognised by Universities and educationalists worldwide that ongoing assessment is a better measure of learning than exams alone.
  • Assessment throughout the year for the HSC encourages consistency and hard work.
  • Education results worldwide suggest testing does not lead to better results, as teachers must focus more on ‘teaching to the test’ and less on teaching according to the needs of your child. This is why the Australian Curriculum tests students on an ongoing basis, not just with final exams, to ensure continuous improvement and feedback is provided to students. Examinations are one part of the varied testing methods practised by the school.

Developing well rounded global citizens, encouraging your child to explore their potential

  • A curriculum built on the No.1 goal of promoting equity and excellence.
  • Developing successful learners, confident and creative individuals and active and informed citizens is the primary aim for students.
  • Develops problem solving skills, with Australian students consistently ranking in the top ten for these skills in the OECD's Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA).
  • With Australia rated as the 2nd most multicultural country in the world (tied with Switzerland) according to a recent report, the curriculum encourages children of all backgrounds to achieve.
  • Asia’s importance to Australia is particularly emphasized in the curriculum, giving your child a more meaningful learning context.

Implementing the latest research to ensure your child's success

  • We help your child to achieve by implementing ground-breaking research by John Hattie on the elements in teaching and learning that have the largest effect on your child’s achievement, known as ‘Visible Learning’.
  • Visible Learning is implemented in age appropriate ways in the Junior School and the Middle and Senior School, and the school is working towards Visible Learning accreditation. 

Curriculum fast facts

  • AISM is registered and accredited to deliver the Australian, New South Wales Board of Studies curriculum
  • AISM began the Australian Curriculum rollout in 2014, following the New South Wales timeline. Rollout timelines are according to subject and year group and are detailed further in the Junior School and Middle and Senior School sections of our site.
  • For the Australian Curriculum schooling starts at age 5, when children enter Foundation
  • There are 13 years of schooling, concluding with the Higher School Certificate (HSC) in Year 12.