Digital Learning

Engaging 21st century learners with digital technologies

We work to integrate information technology (IT)  into your child’s learning and into our school community - parents, students and teachers. Dynamic and engaging digital environments are an important part of our teaching and learning techniques, so your child is equipped for 21st century education and work.

Strategic planning

An ICT Strategic Plan was developed that considers all facets of the use of information technology throughout the school. It is a high level and dynamic plan that acts as a framework for decision making and reflects the significant commitment of the school towards developing a visionary learning community.

Digital confidence

Our approach to technology is founded on the understanding that technology serves learning. Through confident application of technology, your child’s lessons are enriched and enhanced creatively and academically.

We give our students the support they need to build confidence in using a wide range of technologies, according to their needs. While structured formal training is important, the notion of ‘just in time’ support is also crucial to enable dynamic learning.

Our digital confidence program

Our digital confidence program has three parts:

1. Support for our students

We have help desk centres, in Junior School and Middle/Senior school, open from 8am - 4pm on school days. Our centres give proactive and reactive support for our students, giving them the assurance that support is available when they need it.

2. Support for our staff

We invest in new and emerging technologies for our teachers to use in and out of the classroom, and we prioritise their information technology (IT) professional development

Our staff is encouraged to discover new, powerful ways of achieving learning objectives through the use of technology. We achieve this by following the Substitution, Augmentation, Modification and Redefinition model (SAMR model, theorized by Dr Puentedura).

3. Support for our parents

Throughout the year we communicate with parents to support the development of their digital confidence.
 There is an emphasis on raising awareness of digital learning opportunities, and practical examples of how technology can be best managed in the home environment, as well as advice on how to address misuse of technology.

The digital classroom

Using technology to serve and enhance learning

Technology at AISM is used to serve and enhance learning, rather than being an end to itself. Digital fluency is a core learning objective in all academic areas, and is learnt in a way that is relevant to each subject .

Digital learning in the Junior School

In the Junior School, in 2016 all students from Nursery to Year 5 will have access to shared devices which include both iPads, iMacs and Macbooks.  

Our Junior School students use technology for a wide range of tasks, from learning to read, improving their maths, research, making presentations or videos and numerous other engaging learning activities

Middle School digital learning

In the Middle School (6 to 8) we have a Bring Your Own iPad program. The aim is to help students understand that learning does not stop at the school door, but should function on an ‘anywhere-anytime’ basis.

Digital learning in the Senior school

In the Senior Years (9 to 12) students may bring their own device with minimum requirements stipulated by the school. We also provide Macbooks when they are needed, for students who don’t have their own device.

Our commitment to keeping up to date with new technologies

Digital technologies are fast changing, and we constantly review new technologies for use in learning. The quality of learning has been and remains at the centre of our decision making about digital devices. If new developments in technology promise to enrich the learning of our students, we are committed to exploring and pursuing them..

Affordable digital devices for our school community

Parents and students can buy affordable digital devices, such as iPads, iMacs and Macbooks, through our partnership with the authorised Apple reseller, Network Hub, through the online store for our school community. Once an order has been placed, Network Hub will arrange for the equipment to be delivered to school for parents to pick up.