Communications at Our Early Learning Centre

Parents play an important role in our Early Learning Centre

We value parent participation and input on their child's preschool education. Our children develop a sense of belonging and understanding of the world around them through involvement of parents and the wider community.

Parents / guardians are encouraged to join in the daily programme as this encourages continuity and partnership between home and school.

Children's progress- sharing our learning with pride.

One on One Parent Information Meetings will be held in Term 2, allowing you to discuss your child's progress with their teacher.

Each child has their own portfolio, which reflects his or her investigations and interests throughout the year and provides an overview, depicting stages of each child’s development. Please note that the portfolio is an ongoing record of your child's development and there will be no formal report card during the year.

The portfolio will be sent home at the end of each term so that you can celebrate your child's learning journey and see how their interests develop over time. Your child will then bring the portfolio home at the end of the year for you to keep.

Please feel free to contact your child’s teacher and organise a time to discuss your child’s progress at any time throughout the year.

Our Learning Journey Display Board
These boards are located at the entrance to the Early Learning Centre (ELC) and reflects the learning taking place within the centre. These board displays will build and grow as the children begin to question and explore new concepts in their preschool education.

This is not only to document our learning visually for the benefit of parents and a display of which the children can be proud, but also gives you a point of reference when talking to your child about their experiences.

A classroom's Learning Journey Display Board, filled with documentation and children's handiwork

A weekly email newsletter will be sent home every Monday. This summarises the learning that has taken place in the previous week, as well as giving you important notices and reminders. 

A daily reflection is sent home via email every afternoon, which gives you a pictorial summary of the day’s activities along with the learning outcomes we are achieving.

An example of a daily reflection revolving class' activities and learning outcomes on their lesson
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Urgent messages and reminders will be sent home occasionally via email.