Daily Routine at Our Early Learning Centre

Our Early Learning Centre hours

The Early Learning Centre (ELC) is open from 8.30am and 3.10pm and operates on the Australian four term system. Holiday dates can be found in our School Calendar. The morning period is very busy as both indoors and outdoors will be set up before children arrive. Children who come in late may miss out on activities and important learning experiences which have been specially planned. The children are the responsibility of their parents after 3.10pm. Crèche (which is after school care) is available for children with older siblings participating in an after school co-curricular activity only. It runs from 3.20pm to 4.20pm, Monday to Thursday.

Daily routine

Two girls playing in the sandpit with sandplay toys during their outdoor activity

Each week our teachers plan a programme of learning experiences, which are designed to foster children's development. These learning experiences are planned according to weekly observations made of children's interests. These activities include language and literature, music and movement, art and craft, dramatic play, science and mathematics experiences, and sensory motor activities to promote physical development and coordination. These learning experiences are linked to the outcomes of the Australian Early Years Learning Framework and Reggio Emilia. Children can choose for themselves the learning experiences in which they would like to be involved. Our staff support children in making choices, where appropriate.

Children are encouraged to develop their independence through the daily routine and the more interested in a subject matter, the more they will learn. The daily programme is designed to provide a balance between children's need for active as well as passive engagement, indoor and outdoor activities, and group and individual experiences.

8.30am - Arrival
On arrival, and dependent on weather, the children will either venture outdoors as a whole group or begin their day in their rooms.

8.50am – The Day Begins.
Mat session.

Outdoor Activities

  • Perceptual Motor Programme / Learning Connections: The children take part in rotational activities focused on developing their core strength and gross motor skills.
  • Structured outdoor discovery time.

A young boy holding up his square made of clay, based on his lesson on shapes

Morning Tea
Children tidy up, use the bathroom and wash their hands. Morning Tea is eaten on either the picnic mats or at the tables in the front courtyard.

Mat Time/Focus time
The children come together to explore, discuss and participate in group experiences.

Indoor activities
The children participate in indoor experiences focusing on language, numeracy, fine motor and thematic activities.

Lunch time
Children clean up and take part in the bathroom routine for lunch.

Rest time
Children go to the bathroom. After story time, the Nursery children will rest. The Preparation children will also participate in some rest and relaxation time depending on the needs of the individual child. Their afternoon session will also involve activities such as story time, yoga and other school readiness activities.

3.10pm Home time
The children also participate in one Music and one Library lesson per week.