Settling Into Our Early Learning Centre

Helping your child adjust to their first school experience

For many children, joining our Early Learning Centre (ELC) is their first experience of being separated from their parents. Many children will experience some anxiety leaving their parents for the first time, and it is important that parents and staff work together to build the special relationship necessary for successful adjustment.

Coping with fresh faces, preschool routines and limits is not easy. However, once your child has established trust and confidence in his or her new environment and caregiver, the separation becomes a lot easier.

Even if your child has been in an early childhood service before, he or she will still take time to adjust to the new environment and staff.

You can help your child adjust by:

  • Visiting the ELC with your child during our Open Days. This experience helps you and your child to become familiar with the environment, staff and ELC life.
  • Attending the ELC Orientation Day.
  • Being confident - if you are anxious you can easily pass this feeling onto your child. Each child will settle differently into preschool. Some children separate and say goodbye quickly. Other children require a parent to remain until settled.
  • Try to leave enough time each morning for a quick chat with staff. Then you can tell our preschool staff about any important changes or events happening at home that may affect your child’s day at the ELC. Likewise the staff will be able to tell you about your child's time in the ELC.
  • Always telling your child when you are going and that you will return.