Intensive English Support Classes

Prepare Your Child for International School Success

Learning English need not be confined to building on a child’s literacy skills alone. At the Australian International School Malaysia, a child who joins our Intensive English classes learns other skills such as the academic language of Science and Mathematics and is given the opportunity to interact with other mainstream students during activities such as, Physical Education, Music, Drama, Visual Arts and through co-curricular activities in a safe and secure international school environment. 

The Intensive English lessons are delivered by experienced international teachers with qualifications in teaching English as a Second Language. Students are in mainstream classes with English speaking students most of the time and are withdrawn for approximately 40% of the time each week to work in small intensive classes for English, Maths, Science and Humanities.

Quick Facts:

• For 2017 intake
• Age Group: 11 to 14 years (Middle School)
• School day: classes from 8.50 am to 3.10 pm. Students may join the Co-curricular Activities  between 3.20 to 4.20 pm.
• The teaching program is based on the Australian curriculum and standards for English, Humanities, Mathematics and Science. Students will learn and practise the four major communication skills of Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening and develop skills to help them  succeed as a student in an international school. Students will make significant use of iPads  and e-learning resources.

• “Learning to Learn,” students learn communication and learning skills needed to be effective in and outside the classroom.
• Students will be fully integrated into mainstream classes as soon as they have developed  sufficient English language skills. 

• Students will receive ongoing English literacy support through the school’s English as an  Additional Language (EAL) classes.

Entry Requirements:

• Minimum level of English literacy skills
• High cognitive capacity to learn English at a rapid rate
• Literate in mother tongue
• Students will be required to undertake tests to determine the above. For more information, Contact Admissions Department at +603-8949 5000 or email