Junior School

Junior School curriculum

Academically ambitious, our rigorous and robust curriculum is central to everything we do.

We value the development of curious, determined and independent learners. Using the principles of Visible Learning, we demystify the process of learning, ensuring our children are fully aware of the ‘tools’ of success.

We follow the Australian Curriculum, in particular, the innovative and challenging BOSTES curriculum (New South Wales), internationally renowned for its academic breadth and rigour, as the cornerstone of our work.  This is overlayed with our Visible Learning training which incorporates regular teacher and pupil formative assessment, feedback and reflection to highlight learning gaps and method to ‘close’ them.  Our teachers and children are trained in the methods of Visible Thinking.  We ensure that we meet Australian and international standards in our broad curriculum by building numerate and literate youngsters, who are also critical and creative thinkers, determined to deal with others ethically.  

Learning in and beyond the classroom

We balance our rigorous curriculum focus in all areas of learning within stimulating, fun and investigative learning experiences, providing specialist music, language and PE lessons.  These academic lessons are supported with an extensive co-curricular programme, enabling children to broaden their friendships and skills in music, dance, sport, drama, public speaking and problem solving.  Pupils are also engaged in the democratic life of their school from a young age, joining our Student Representative Council or nominating to become a school leader in a range of leadership roles within the school.

Our Junior School structure

Our Junior School is divided into three sections: the Early Learning Centre (ELC) (3 to 5 year olds); Stage One (6 to 8 year olds); Stage Two (9 to 12 year olds).  

Your child can join us in the year they turn four, joining one of our Nurseries or our Preparatory class. In the ELC, each small class is taught by a trained teacher and supported by an assistant teacher, which is also the case in our two Foundation classes (also known as Year 1 or Kindergarten in other school systems).  From Year 1, each year level has their own highly trained and qualified assistant teacher, which enables rich teaching opportunities under the guidance of our expatriate staff: from cross grade groupings to small break out groups for support or extension; from team teaching to vertical cross year groupings. Our class sizes allow flexibility and dynamism in our differentiation for learners of all dispositions. During Year 5, we nurture our pupils through their transition to the Middle School.