Academic Enrichment at Junior School

AISM provides myriad opportunities for our sparky, curious learners

We provide differentiated learning for all students of different aptitudes, as our teachers are adept at catering for our brightest of children within the classroom through the use of ‘passion projects’, group work and inquiry based learning. We wish to enrich learning and cultivate a passion towards learning in our students by giving them the experience, not many other primary schools can provide.

Our academic enrichment team
We have a dedicated Learning Enrichment teacher, a specialist who supports class teachers to meet the academic, social and emotional needs of our students. This includes students who may find classwork too complex, and others who need extension, as well as children with learning or behavioural difficulties.

If we believe a student needs more support than a differentiated learning programme can offer, our Student Support Team, which includes our Learning Enrichment Teacher, School Counsellor, Head of School, Deputy Head of School and Stage Leaders, will assess their needs.

If we believe it is in the best interests of our student, we prepare a Support Plan to help the student to achieve set goals.

This could involve an individual education programme, withdrawal from class for individual or small group support, or intervention from a specialist, such as a Speech Therapist or Child Psychologist.

English as an Additional Language (EAL) Support
For our students with only a little English proficiency, we provide EAL support through extra paid tuition. At AISM, our EAL teacher is a qualified primary teacher who is also trained in teaching English to children of non-English speaking backgrounds. Lessons are designed to help children take part in all aspects of school life by improving their speaking, listening, writing and reading comprehension skills.

Support for gifted and talented students
For those students with a cognitive profile far exceeding their peers, we know that they need a range of opportunities to enrich their learning.

Through our differentiated learning programme, we offer a programme called ‘Curious Fridays’, for these exceptional pupils who are placed, cognitively (as demonstrated through recognised external assessment) in the 98th percentile or above for students of their age.

These pupils are encouraged to engage in a series of inquiry based learning projects, with a focus on developing their higher order thinking and collaborative skills, and exposing them to challenges they would rarely face.

While this can sometimes be a confronting process for children of this profile, the skills they develop are easily transferable to the classroom and their interactions with other children, building their self esteem and offering them genuine opportunities to solve problems.

Other enrichment opportunities include The Mathematics Challenge for Young Australians, International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) and various literary, scientific, artistic and linguistic competitions, performances and awards.

Exploring musical skills
Our excellent in school music programme offers children one to one tuition to hone their musical skills and to challenge our most gifted musicians. The advantage of these classes is that they occur during the school day, so parents do not have to drive their children to another class, off site through KL traffic at the end of a long school day! For our exceptional musicians, there is a range of string and concert bands, providing them the opportunity to play and perform regularly to a variety of audiences.

Extending sporting talents
For our young, gifted sports men and women, our co curricular activities offer sports like football, netball, triathlon, badminton and dance and our excellent swimmers are invited to become a member of our Barracudas swimming group.