Junior School Facilities

The finest facilities support a world class, international education

Planning of learning spaces can never be an accidental, ad hoc process. For 21st century learners to flourish, they need a variety of tools and equipment at their disposal. They need light filled spaces, comfortably furnished for their height. They need a great deal of display space to make their thinking visible on a daily basis with writing, drawing and photographs.

For this reason, AISM’s classrooms are truly 21st century spaces that promote innovation and interaction, catering to our creative classroom teaching methods.

Each classroom is fitted with large, UV protected windows, round tables (perfect for collaboration), interactive whiteboards and sound systems.

Open learning spaces for working collaboratively
Each classroom overlooks a shared, open learning space, featuring computers, small libraries and comfortable seating. Called ‘break out spaces’, these areas perform a variety of functions, but are most frequently used for differentiation and cross grade grouping. Each floor has access to an iPad cart which allows pupils to research easily and to connect with each other via Google Docs and other apps.

Purpose build exploration spaces
For scientific inquiry, lessons often take place outside, in the break out spaces or in our purpose built Science Laboratory. Here, pupils can extend their scientific knowledge, safely using the appropriate tools:  microscopes, bunsen burners, petri dishes and burettes. 

Young emerging artists have regular opportunities to hone their craft in our Art Studio - a vibrant space used to extend artistic skills and create interesting and beautiful pieces, be it in the form of fine art or modern art, as a form of their communicative expression.

Our Apple Mac Lab (computer suite) enables whole class exploration, tuition, research, creation, collaboration and opportunities for multi modal literacy and numeracy development.

AISM's well resourced library caters for nearly every literary taste and many languages. It is a beautiful, colourful space, in which at any time, you might see small children being read a story in the amphitheatre, older children listening to a visiting author in the lecture space, or pupils working independently in the learning hubs.  

Do you have a budding performer at home? They will relish our Performing Arts floor, complete with a recording studio, rehearsal rooms, dance studio (for ballet, modern, jazz and tap dance and martial arts), a black box theatre and our large auditorium.  

At AISM, you can conveniently pre-order your child’s lunch. Students can also buy their own lunch, or they are welcomed to eat a home packed lunch. They sit together in this large, covered space which has an unrestricted view of the school fields and The Mines Resort City lake.  After eating, they are able to play in one of our bespoke playgrounds (complete with sandpits, climbing frames and cubby house) or the field (depending on their age).

The advantage of sharing part of our Junior School campus with our Middle and Senior School, is our unfettered access to state-of-the-art spaces and facilities.

Our swimming excellence is thanks not only to AISM’s exceptional coaching staff, but to our fabulous pool - quite the jewel of the campus! It overlooks our large playing fields, which we use for rugby, AFL, touch football, soccer, hockey and of course, play time! In inclement weather, sports lessons can take place in the gymnasium - a high ceilinged, air conditioned space used not just for basketball and netball, but badminton, volleyball and many forms of physical training.

For the Junior School specifically we have a multipurpose room where students enjoy Perceptual Motor Programmes (PMP) designed by our professionally trained Physical Education teachers.