Pastoral Care For Junior School

A culture of respect, excellence and openness

We are dedicated to a culture of Respect, Excellence and Openness in Communication, while working with Integrity and Passion in an Enjoyable learning environment - our RECIPE for a lifelong love of learning!

We have carefully considered our core values (RECIPE) and these are echoed in all we do so that all children feel safe and respected.  They learn their rights and responsibilities as a member of our school community from the beginning.

Kind behaviour is encouraged through reward systems and the care provided by our respectful and professional staff.

We do not quash the natural liveliness of childhood - we channel it through engaging and challenging play and course work.

We ensure there are many opportunities for student leadership throughout the Junior School - from being elected Class Representative, to being a mentor for a younger pupil.  

Our School Nurse and her assistant are always on hand for any emergencies and our security team creates a safe and restful environment.  Parent support is always welcomed and there are often times when we ask for help whether in the classroom, the Art Studio or on school trips.

Our Student Support Team
As part of our best practice approach, AISM provides many opportunities for staff to discuss student welfare. Our Student Support Team (SST), which includes our Learning Support Teacher, School Counsellor, Head of School, Deputy Head of School and Stage Leaders, meets regularly to discuss our students’ academic, social and emotional needs. Once a potential concern is flagged to the SST, a swift response ensures we can provide the support necessary, whether that be with the help of our peripatetic Speech and Language Specialist, our EAL teacher, the school’s High Ability Coordinator or external agencies.  

Help with settling in for your child
We understand the sometimes daunting prospect of joining a new school, especially for expatriate families. Going through a relocation, where familiar places and faces are no longer common, takes an extra emotional toll on the child when settling into a foreign school.

With this in mind, new pupils are allocated one or two new buddies to help guide them through their first few weeks, especially in the playground.

Because we embrace diversity and are proud of our international cultural ‘flavour’, our children are very welcoming to newcomers and are proud to have a range of different people from different places in their classrooms and their playgrounds.

Continuous assessment and thorough pastoral monitoring, with the help of our Student Support Team, ensures a generally smooth transition for new arrivals and their families.

Pastoral care programmes for all students
For all our pupils, the nurturing nature of the home room and the clear behavioural parameters create a happy learning environment.  Teachers use ‘circle time’ to help pupils explore issues of concern in a safe, and structured way.  Weekly Stage assemblies and fortnightly Junior School assemblies provide an audience to share our academic, co-curricular and pastoral successes and our rewards system encourages positive behaviour.   In the playground, our Year 5 leaders organise daily games for the younger children, fostering a sense of shared community.  We also run a buddy system every fortnight between Stage 1 pupils and our very youngest children.  All of these elements serve to promote self-esteem and a joyous atmosphere