Careers and pathways

Planning for success

In an increasingly competitive world, we help our students understand how to stand out and how to choose from the wide subject, university and career paths options available to them with an Australian education.

Your child begins our Careers and Pathways Program in the last year of Middle School with our Career and Pathways Advisor when students are selecting their elective subjects for the Higher School Certificate.

Our Advisor helps students and parents with university applications, understanding their proposed future plans, giving them career counseling, as well as planning for their next step.

Our Careers and Pathways Programme:

  • Supports and advises students in Senior School as they prepare for their future plans.
  • Enables our students to have a stronger sense of their individual talents.
  • Ensures our students leave AISM ready for their next step.

How we help our students plan for the future

Broaden your child’s horizons and build confidence in their own decision-making
The Career Voyage programme, starting in Year 9, may confirm your child’s choices, or open up career paths they had neither heard about nor considered.

Help our students understand their strengths and identify suitable career paths
This is an optional programme called Futurewise which uses detailed psychometric profiling and assessment of fundamental abilities such as problem solving, learning styles and perceptual, special and mechanical abilities, to provide a detailed report identifying a number of potential career paths that would suit the individual child.

Prepare your child for the world of work with our Careers Education Programme
This programme in Years 9 and 10 helps our students identify their interests, talents and preferences, and how these related to potential careers, using the Careers Voyage and Futurewise programmes (if desired).

The programme also prepares our students for the expectations and responsibilities in the workplace, learning on to their Careers Research Project.

Giving your child real workplace experience

Our Careers Research Project offers the opportunity to experience the world outside of school, with a placement organised by the school.

There is nothing like real experience to highlight the responsibilities and opportunities of the workplace. Our previous experiences have included placements with Tourism Malaysia, Gleneagles Hospital, Monash University, Astro and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

After this work experience, students participate in a 1-day workshop to reflect on their experiences and how to increase their employability in the future.

Align academic performance and ambitions with formal careers interviews
Year 10 and Year 12 students in Senior School participate in formal careers interviews conducted by the school. These help our Year 10 students with subject selections for the final two years at school and encourage our graduating classes to consider their options once they leave AISM, and to provide them with assistance in their applications to universities.

Help with university entrance and choices
Our students graduate with the Higher School Certificate, which is recognised by education institutions globally.

We are registered to directly manage applications to Australia and the United Kingdom and provide the support students need to apply to the USA, Malaysia, New Zealand, Canada, Europe and Asia.

We ensure our students understand their varied international options, by regularly holding workshops, fairs and presentations by universities and organisations that provide information on universities internationally. This includes preparation and help applying to universities in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Switzerland and Singapore, amongst others.

Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) Logo

AISM is a UCAS Centre for United Kingdom universities
Year 12 graduates are able to take advantage of AISM’s status as a Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) Centre to submit their applications to universities in the UK. Being a UCAS Centre allows us to provide much greater levels of assistance to students applying to the UK, making this is an excellent opportunity for AISM students.

Taylor’s International Alliance Network (TIAN) Logo

Collaboration with Taylor’s International Alliance Network (TIAN)
AISM has also started working closely with Taylor’s International Alliance Network (TIAN). TIAN provides Taylor’s Group schools with personalised career counselling and information on admission requirements, application procedures and guidance for scholarships and universities.