Facilities, Middle & Senior School

As our school grows, our facilities are continually being upgraded to meet the fast changing demands of the 21st century.

Connected classrooms and digital learning
We have connected classrooms allowing digital learning to be seamlessly integrated through our innovative classroom teaching methods. To enable this we have:

  • Interactive whiteboards, which are documented to increase learning. Through the use of cloud based technology such as Google Docs and Google Classroom students and teachers can work collaboratively online and on the interactive whiteboard. The teacher can also display visuals, presentations or play audio all through the whiteboard, for example.
  • WiFi throughout the school
  • Computer labs and laptops for classes
  • Information technology support on a needs basis during school hours.

Performing arts rooms
The arts play an important role in the development of our students’ talents and allow them to explore various art forms from dance to musical theatre. This is why we have a dedicated Performing Arts Centre which includes:

  • Purpose built, sound proofed 'Black Box Theatre'.
  • Dedicated drama rooms and props.
  • Music rooms that are soundproofed, with grand pianos and other instruments.
  • Dance rooms with sprung floor.
  • Music rooms specifically for orchestra and band practice..

Careers and senior study centre
The Senior Study Centre is a focal place for students to study independently between classes, to work collaboratively in small groups and a place to explore pathways to careers and tertiary courses. The AISM Careers and Pathways Advisor works closely with the senior students to decide on subject selections that will increase their ability to reach their career goals.

Information and communication technology (ICT) literacy and research skills are a significant focus in the Study Centre through the provision of technology that allows students ready access to the internet, including online and school based resources.

Students who prefer to bring their own device can use one of the many charging stations. Access to this technology allows AISM students to extend their knowledge and explore new horizons within an innovative, flexible learning space.

Science labs

The Australian Curriculum for Science emphasises an inquiry based learning approach – that is, learning through problem solving.

AISM has four specialist science laboratories, so our students can develop deep understanding of content and laboratory skills from Year 6 onwards! The Australian Curriculum for Science emphasises an inquiry based learning approach – that is, learning through problem solving. Our well resourced labs make sure our students have all the resources they need for practical problem solving and academic success from an early age.

ICT and robotics

At AISM, information and communication technology (ICT) is integrated into almost every lesson in some way, and we have a wide range of ICT equipment to ensure your child has what they need for 21st century learning.

Students in the Middle and Senior School have access to networked computers throughout the school, including those in two dedicated IT suites, one design technology workshop, the library and several MacBook trolleys, allowing the students to access their work anywhere on the school site. The ICT department monitors and protects the students while they are using the school computers and the internet.  

Design and technology workshop
Our state of the art design and manufacturing facility. Opens up a world of possibilities to students where they have access to a wide variety of design equipment and manufacturing processes. A dedicated computer lab for students to experiment with new ideas through Computer Aided Design is an important part of the workshop. Top branded traditional manufacturing equipment stands alongside emerging technologies such as laser cutting, 3D printing and 3D scanning devices, so students at AISM are being prepared with the future of technology in mind and at hand.