Pastoral Care For Middle & Senior Schools

AISM recognises the importance of supporting wholesome growth and development of an individual in an inclusive environment. The holistic approach to student wellbeing at AISM ensures that the physical, social, emotional and cognitive dimensions of each individual are nurtured. The monitoring of each student’s academic and social well-being is an essential component of life in the Middle & Senior School.

Our approach to student wellbeing is based on the school’s core values of Respecting and caring for each other, being dedicated to a culture of Excellence, openness in Communication, acting with Integrity, being Passionate in what we do and creating an Enjoyable environment. (R.E.C.I.P.E.).

Help settling in for new students

Our students are very welcoming to new students, as being an international school, we have regular changes in our student population. We understand the importance of supporting new students in our school and therefore offer a variety of methods of support.

The five areas of support for your child as they enter our school

  1. Their homeroom teacher
  2. The year level coordinator
  3. The head of department for each subject they are studying
  4. Their new friends
  5. The school counsellor

Our general pastoral programmes (below) are all also designed to help new students adjust and transition smoothly into their new school.

Pastoral programmes for all students

Your child’s homeroom teacher
Your child’s homeroom teacher supports their personal development by mentoring, monitoring and supporting them as they progress from Year 6 to Year 8. There is a short homeroom session every morning, and also a dedicated lesson each week called Advisory (more information on this below).

In Years 6-8 generally your child's homeroom teacher is the first point of contact and also teaches each child in their care.

By building rapport and communication with your child, the homeroom teacher becomes familiar with their personality, skills, strengths and needs, being able to assist, encourage and support them.

Our homeroom teachers are an immediate point of contact for general school issues. They work collaboratively with parents to address any issues as they arise. Along with our Middle School subject specialists, they are trained to understand the challenges of this schooling stage, and help our students move from the familiarity and security of Junior School into the challenges of Senior School and beyond.

Advisory support
Once a week, each year level from Years 6-10 has an Advisory class, which is pastoral care tailored to the needs of students at every year level. 

While there are planned topics for each session, the programme is also very flexible to cater for current issues that may be affecting students, such as cyber safety. Planned activities include organisational skills in Year 6, building up to developing resilience in Years 7 and 8, whilst in Years 9 and 10 our focus moves to pathways to study or work and relationships.

Academic monitoring
Academic monitoring makes sure your child's learning supports their individual growth and development, including:

  • Opportunities for students, parents/guardians, teachers, mentors and homeroom teachers to meet and discuss learning needs
  • Collection and analysis of student assessment data throughout each term
  • Identification of the strengths and potential areas for growth of each student
  • Allocation of a personal teacher mentor for each Year 12 student and also students requiring additional support, to help support their personal learning journey.

Counselling services

Our full-time School Counsellor provides a free student service, in which students may discuss any concerns they might have about their academic and social wellbeing, and address any of the issues faced by teenagers in a comfortable and confidential manner.