Years 11 and 12

Preparing Students for Life

A senior education at AISM not only prepares Years 11 and 12 students for their final examinations, it more importantly prepares them for success in life. At AISM we lay the foundations for academic success, a love of learning, a healthy lifestyle and a commitment to the community and leadership.

AISM strives to provide Pre-University students with an excellent academic education in an inclusive learning environment, as well as a wide range of broader opportunities that will prepare our students for life beyond AISM.

Similar to A Levels or STPM, AISM’s Years 11 and 12 studies culminate in the award of the NSW HSC. The internationally recognised NSW HSC provides a flexible curriculum pathway to either specialise in a specific field or complete a wide range of subjects. Results are used to calculate an Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR). This allows direct entry into tertiary institutions and universities around the world including Australia, Malaysia, UK, USA, New Zealand and more.

A flexible, academically rigorous qualification

Students can choose to specialise for the HSC, or they can deliberately keep their options open by studying a broad base of subjects.

The only compulsory subject is English, which can be studied at different ability levels. Mathematics is not compulsory; however, most students study this as it is helpful for entry to many university courses. So our students have the option of studying at least 6 subjects in Year 11 (12 units) and 5 subjects in Year 12 (10 units). Our students therefore do not need to specialise before they have made their career choice, and they gain a broad skillset, which is valued by universities and employers alike.

The HSC years are intensive and challenging, with many of the skills acquired over their years of schooling coming into play. Students need to be well organised, focused and have an excellent knowledge of the content and how to analyse it and present their ideas.

Our Pre-University Programme offers:

Robust Academic Programmes - small class sizes, pathways planning, careers and counselling services, dedicated teachers, mentors and tutors.

Academic and Social Well-being - personal mentoring in task management, exam technique, stress management, goal setting, study skills, time management, career management, personal pathways and much more.

Careers and Pathways Planning - personalised careers and pathways advise, dedicated Careers counsellor, Futurewise personality test and interviews.

Experiential Learning – Year 11 Australian Outback Camp and Year 12 Young Leaders Program at Trinity College, University of Melbourne.

Overseas Exchange Programmes

  • Oxbridge Study Abroad Summer Programme - this programme allows students to study almost any academic subject of their own choosing at Oxford University, and participate in Oxford’s many extracurricular activities (350 clubs and sports teams).
  • Kingdom Education University Summer Programme - this programme offers students a taste of university life in the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

Leadership - Sport, inter school and international competitions, conferences, community service, performing arts, overseas exchange programmes and some of the leadership opportunities available.

University entrance worldwide -  In recent years, over 40% of AISM graduates were accepted into universities worldwide, including Australia, over 30% into universities in Malaysia, and another 30% into universities in the UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand and South Korea.

University Destinations - In recent years, approximately 40% of AISM graduates were accepted into universities worldwide in Australia, 30% into universities in Malaysia, and another 30% into universities in across the UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand and South Korea.

Distance Education Pathways - Years 11 and 12 students have the opportunity to complete a wide range of subjects via distance education, further expanding the already wide range of subjects available at AISM.  Students are supported through their distance learning through the one to one mentoring programmes with a specially chosen teacher mentor at AISM.

Open University - Another distance education option, Open University, is a unique combination of flexible study, world class teaching and individually tailored support for students whose education has been accelerated due their giftedness in one or more subject areas. Years 11 and 12 students have access to Open University should they wish to commence tertiary studies before graduating from AISM. In many cases the university subjects studied in this way can become part of their future Degree credits thus shortening the length of time required for the student to complete their first Degree at university

Find out more about the HSC and subject choices at AISM.

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