Learning for Pre-University Students

New South Wales (NSW) Higher School Certificate (HSC)

Years 11 and 12 studies culminate in the award of the NSW HSC. The internationally recognised NSW HSC provides a flexible curriculum pathway to either specialise in a specific field or complete a wide range of subjects. Results are used to calculate an Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR).

This allows direct entry into Australian tertiary institutions and universities around the world. AISM graduates have been accepted into universities in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, Canada, United Kingdom, USA, Pakistan, Holland and many other European countries.

The purpose of the NSW HSC programme is to:

  • Foster the intellectual, social and moral development of students, developing their:
    • knowledge, skills, understanding and attitudes in their chosen field of study
    • capacity to manage their own learning
    • desire to continue learning in formal or informal settings beyond school
    • capacity to work with others
    • ability to lead others
    • respect for cultural diversity
  • Provide a flexible structure within which students can prepare for:
    • further education and training
    • employment
    • full and active participation as citizens
  • provide formal assessment and certification of students’ achievements
  • provide a context within which to foster students’ physical and emotional development.

Academic pathways
English is compulsory, and students have a choice of English or Advanced English or English as a Second Language (ESL). For the latter, they must meet the NSW Board of Studies ESL criteria.

At the senior level, our students are able to choose 10 to 14 units of study in a variety of combinations:

2 unit subjects
General Mathematics
Business Studies
Modern History
Legal Studies
Visual Arts
Software Design and Development
Photography, Video and Digital Imaging
Music 1

1-unit subjects
Mathematics Extension 1
Mathematics Extension 2 (Year 12 only)
Extension 1 English
Extension 2 English (Year 12 only)

Distance Education Pathways
Engineering Studies
Industrial Technology 
Information Processes and Technology
Earth and Environmental Science
Aboriginal Studies
Ancient History
HSC History Extension
Society and Culture
Studies of Religion
Community and Family Studies
Food Technology
Textiles and Design 
Languages Background Speakers courses
Languages Beginners courses
Languages Continuers courses - Languages Extension courses
Languages Heritage courses