ELC to Year 2 Games Day


Di McLean, ELC Head Teacher

The ELC-Year 2 Games Day was held last Friday, and despite the rainy weather, it was a big success!

The day started with some warm-up exercises led by Mr Gredig and Ms Zibell and even the parents got up and joined in to dance, stretch and warm up our muscles.

Next the students headed down to the field for the relays. There was a lot of excitement and a buzz in the air as the students and parents cheered hard for their teams. It was wonderful to see such a strong team spirit amongst the students.

Once the relays were finished, the students were divided into year levels and started rotating through their events. They competed in the sprints, long jump, javelin, poison ball, tunnel ball/captain ball and accuracy hit.

Just before the start of our last rotation the skies opened up and the rain came down. Everybody made a dash for cover. We had our closing ceremony and then all of the students enjoyed an ice-block provided by our wonderful parent helpers.

Thank you to Mr Roberts for organising such a great day with so many fun events. A big thank you to all of the parent helpers who made the day such a great success and to the parents who came down to cheer loudly and proudly for all of the children.