Engineering My Future Excursion


Simon Matheson, Head of Science and Technology

Skills in design, implementation, problem solving, teamwork, manufacture, analysis and evaluation are the foundations for engineering careers.  During a two-day immersion program, ten enthusiastic AISM students ranging from Year 9 to Year 11 collaborated with Taylor’s University students from mechanical, chemical, electrical and electronic engineering disciplines to explore the design, programming and manufacture of insect robots.  With exposure to 3D printing technology, logic circuits, Arduino software programming and servomotors, our students got wide and memorable experiences which helped them to see design concepts and ideas develop into prototypes.  From this, student tested and evaluated through the design process of engineering, circling back to rethinking and refining many times through the entire process.  Our student representatives performed with distinction across this rare and challenging opportunity.

Timothy Hu, Year 11

Going to the Engineering My Future (EMF) workshop was an amazing experience. I learned much about the process of engineering and it has increased my skill level in coding and robotics.

Rishi Shanger Krishnamurthi, Year 9

Engineering My Future was a great workshop that amplifies your creativity and love for robotics. My favourite part of the design and manufacturing is the trial and error method for fine tuning your robot, problem solving to make it better and more efficient.

Jessica Wrate and Eliza Law, Year 9

Engineering My Future is an amazing workshop for students who are interested in robotics, coding and engineering. Our favourite part of the workshop was the analysis process, because it was really rewarding to find solutions to different challenges along the way.