Family Fun Day Thank You


Dr Deborah Priest, Principal

Sunday 19 February was another example of what sets our school apart from others - a very strong and united community. I arrived at school on Sunday morning at 9am with the goal of helping to set up the stalls for the 10am start of the Family Fun Day. To my surprise and delight, the School was already buzzing with the stalls almost fully set up and some children patiently waiting to decorate biscuits with icing and lollies or to craft a masterpiece with clay. The bubbles were already being blown and the sausages were already sizzling on the barbecue.

This wonderful display of community and fellowship could only have been possible with the strong support of keen parents lead by Kimberly Ritchie who was so ably assisted by Glen Janett and Tanya Van Damme. Special thanks must also go to Kerry Smith for her skills on the microphone and to Tammy Nguyen for baking and donating the special celebratory Fun Day cake. We would love to share photos of the events with the School community so if you took some great photographs on the day please can you email them to Vino at

For more photos click here: Family Fun Day

Choosing the Right School for Your Children

Following five weeks of school and the wonderful welcome to new families on Sunday at the Fun Day, I hope that all of our new parents are now able to answer the question, “Have I made the right choice of school for my children?” All schools vary and it is often very clear to note the differences in students’ behaviour, their attitude to learning and staff commitment to teaching after the first few weeks. As a mother of two daughters, I had a clear vision for my children’s academic future and I know that I wanted and expected my daughters’ school, to not only prepare them for their tertiary courses, but also to ready them for adulthood. I wanted my children to become resilient, confident and motivated to be successful in life as well as happy throughout the learning journey. I imagine that many of you want the same or similar for your children. I recently read a list of considerations to parents in choosing the best school for their children and Iconfidently rated AISM a big tick against each consideration in the list. I hope that your experiences at AISM allow you to feel as optimistic as we do.

Considerations when Choosing a Great School:

  1. High Expectations - do the teachers have high expectations and learning strategies for all students regardless of the children’s abilities, gifts or learning challenges?
  2. Sense of Community - does the School have a proactive approach to making everyone feel as though they belong to the School community?
  3. Values - does the School share the same values as your family?
  4. Opportunity - does the School value-add by providing a range of extracurricular and co-curricular learning opportunities outside of the day-to-day curriculum?
  5. Discipline - does the School have a fair and restorative approach to behaviour issues with clearly set out expectations of all students?
  6. Leadership - does the school have a clear vision and well-equipped leaders who encourage all stakeholders to be part of making the vision become a reality? 
  7. Commitment to Social Justice and Community Service - does the School foster a sense of “giving back to others” and does the school community make genuine contributions to others?

We are always open to your feedback. If you feel that AISM falls short of your expectations at any time, we welcome you to contact us.