Eryn Grady, Head of the Arts

Game of Tiaras was shown on Thursday 16 November in the Black Box Theatre.

When the aging king of a Magical Kingdom (England) decides to split his empire between his three daughters, Cinderella, Belle, and the Snow Queen (who in no way resembles a copyrighted character), terrible tragedy ensues. Terrible, hilarious tragedy. Combining the gut-wrenching plot twists of Game of Thrones and the soul-numbing despair of Shakespearean tragedy, this adaptation of King Lear will leave you dying with laughter as the body count mounts. When you play the Game of Tiaras, you win or you die. The students did a fabulous job!

Thanks to Miss Kitching, Mrs Maunder-Jones and Mrs Goonting for their direction, costumes and props!


From semester 2 we had been working on the ‘Game Of Tiara’. It was my first time trying out production CCA and I had a lot fun. Of course the best part was the actual performance……- Momoko Fujisaki (6G)

This year’s Production was the second production I did. There was so many more laughs this year than the last because of the script. We cracked some jokes when practising and sometimes the recess and lunchtime meets were a pain, but they were all for the best. Being in this year’s production will be a memory I’ll never forget.- Ishwarya Devi Krishna (6G)

We learnt that if we work together we can achieve more in that time. I liked ‘Snow White’ by Brayden, Lomani, Shrieeya, Samuel because it was well acted and was extremely funny. It was well written too. In the ‘Girl Who Cried Sheep’ was short but had a good moral ending. Molly the girl who cried sheep takes English as a second language and perfectly pronounced loudly all her lines. I personally enjoyed most of the performances! -Valencia Anne Santhara (6G)

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