Giving Tree Appeal and Assembly


Last Thursday, 10 December, AISM held the Giving Tree assembly.

AISM is committed to developing service learning in the school and to developing links with the local community. The assembly was an opportunity to reflect on, and acknowledge, the involvement of our students in contributing to the wider community through Service Learning.

Earlier this year, a group of Year 8, 9 and 10 students and two teachers travelled to Sabah as part of the Matilda Project to work with the children at Asrama Desa Pukak, and four representatives - Marius, Jeremy, Kaveen and Sydney spoke about their life changing experiences of this trip.

Two of our Student Representative Council members gave their feedback on the contributions of the SRC to the life of the school.

The focus of the assembly was to acknowledge the work of the AISM community over the year in raising funds for two Malaysian-based welfare organisations. First, we welcomed Theresa and PohChoo from the Good Shepherd group. This is an organisation whose main focus is on the care of children and families - often in remote communities. AISM has been supporting this group for a number of years via the Matilda Project, and our main fundraising activity for this is The Walkathon, held in Term 2. Two of our students, Xuan Lin and Qi Lin presented a cheque for RM60,085.30 to Theresa. This donation goes towards the Matilda Project and the Asrama Desa Pukak hostel in Sabah. This donation will mean that children from remote communities have a place to stay while they attend school.

Our second Service Learning commitment is to Pastor Jacob and his organisation also called the Good Shepherd. Pastor Jacob’s organisation is based in Semiyah and provides food and shelter for children in difficult circumstances. The AISM community generously donated hundreds of gifts for these children. Sam Henderson-Kelly (Grade 2 SRC rep) presented a gift to Pastor Jacob as a symbol of the hundreds of gifts donated by our community.

We also had numerous wonderful creative and musical performances as part of the assembly - Miss Wendy’s CCA group performed ‘The Grinch Who Stole Christmas’; Miss Ratha and her tambourine dance; the Young Voices singing group, lead by Mr. Herron; Mr Parry, Ms Genet and Miss Rebecca’s lead the ukulele group in an awesome range of songs. A great celebration of talent and another form of contribution to the school community.

On behalf of Miss Derham, Mr. Broadbent and myself, thank you to the AISM community for your wonderful support over the year in supporting our students in their Service Learning endeavours.


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