Junior School International School Athletic Conference (ISAC) Athletics Carnival


Elliot Roberts, Co-Curricular Program Coordinator - Junior School

Last Friday 24 February, AISM competed at the Junior School ISAC Athletics Carnival at the Alice Smith School, Equine Park. It was a wet and rainy morning, but this didn’t stop our eager athletes from putting on a dazzling display and giving it their best in the trying conditions. For many students, this was their first time competing at an inter-schools carnival. Students cheered on team mates and showed great sportsmanship and grace, even if they narrowly missed out on a podium finish.

This was a hugely successful day for our students, with AISM finishing 5th overall, well ahead of other similarly sized schools. The whole team should be extremely proud of their efforts and dedication to athletics this term.

The following students placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd in their events on the day.

Name  Age Event Place
Niamh Kavanagh U9’s 50m 2nd
Niamh Kavanagh U9’s 200m 2nd
Eliza Tan U10’s 100m 1st
Eliza Tan U10’s 400m 1st
Moosa Hamilton-Manns U9’s 200m 2nd
Hanz Lee U10’s Long jump 2nd
Zoe Clacher U10’s Long jump 3rd
Euan Kneisz U11’s Long jump 2nd
Niamh Kavanagh U9’s Long jump 2nd
Olivia Taylor U9’s Long jump 3rd
Brayden Gorbach U11’s High jump 3rd
Eliza Tan U10’s High jump 1st
Hanz Lee U10’s High jump 3rd
Sophie Neighbour U10’s Shot put 2nd
Sophie Neighbour U9’s Discus 1st
Yousef Al-Hazmi U10’s Turbo javelin 3rd
Teng King Seah U11’s Turbo javelin 3rd