Language Week 2016


Mrs Liliane Heininger, Head of Department - Modern Languages

Thank you to all who participated in Language Week and what a great week it was!

The week was filled with activities in and out of the classroom, with our students showcasing their talents in many different areas. Displays around the school exposed our community to the work students have completed in class- French and Spanish speaking countries, Famous French, Spanish and Malaysian people, Food in China, France, Malaysia and Spain and Education in Malaysia.

Years 9, 10 and 7 students hosted Year 5 and exposed them to French, Spanish, Bahasa and Mandarin activities- bingo, duck duck goose, role plays and singing were enjoyed by all.

Year 6 had the pleasure of listening to Mr Dale Wells- PE/ Mathematics  teacher, and Adam Khalid - Year 12 student, talk about their sporting achievements. Year 8 students invited some of our local staff to participate in a Forum on Education. The students were able to listen to these people describe their education in detail as well as ask many questions.

Each lunchtime saw the food of different countries on sale with our popular Taste of China/ Spain/ France and Malaysia.


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