Message from Junior School


Visible Thinking

Visible Thinking Routines are grouped into the following three areas:

1. Introducing and Exploring Ideas
2. Synthesising and Organising Ideas
3. Digging Deeper into Ideas

Last week Mr Parry wrote about the ‘See, Think, Wonder’ routine, which is used as a way to introduce a new idea or concept and to encourage the students to start thinking about the idea in more depth.

Teaching students to synthesise and organise ideas is another critical element of Visible Thinking. This allows students to pick out key messages or ideas and track how beliefs and understandings of a topic or unit of work have changed over time by engaging in a number of thinking routines.

A Thinking Routine that supports students to synthesise and organise ideas is by the use of ‘Headlines’. This routine requires students to summarise their thinking and come up with tentative conclusions about topics by creating newspaper-like headlines. Headlines are particularly effective when students have explored a topic and gathered new information.

A Year 2 student learning about transport systems in a typical capital city might have a Headline called “Chaos in City Centre” when first asked to comment about traffic congestion. After further investigating how various cities manage traffic congestion by promoting public transport, they might then come up with another Headline to support their new understanding called “Leave Your Car, Grab a Train”. This routine is a powerful tool in promoting deep level thinking and offers opportunities for students to reflect upon the changes in their thinking.

Junior School Staffing News 2016

  • Mr Elliot Roberts has been appointed to the role of Junior School CCA Coordinator and PE Teacher from January 2016. He will also take on the new role of Junior School ICT Facilitator.
  • Miss Amariah Chep will be working in the ELC as an Assistant Teacher next year.
  • Louise Tupai will be joining us from New Zealand. Ms Tupai has been teaching for the last six years in
  • Auckland where she has taught predominantly in the Early Years and has been responsible for training staff in the integration of technology into teaching practice.
  • Glen Emslie has over 20 years experience teaching in Western Australia and in Canada. For the last 10 years he has been a teaching Assistant Principal in a Primary School in Dunsborough, a regional centre approximately 250 km south of Perth.

Art Showcase

The Art Showcase will be held next week on the Ground Floor of the Junior School. All students who have entered a drawing, painting or sculpture will have their art displayed and will receive house points that will go towards the House Shield. This is not a competition. Rather it is an opportunity for our students to display their artistic talents and creative flair. One artwork from each grade will be selected to be framed and placed on permanent display around the Junior School. Parents are encouraged to come and see the wonderful artwork on display from Monday 23 November to Thursday 26 November.

Junior School Awards

As the year draws to an end there will be two formal events at which students will be presented with awards for their efforts throughout the year. The Junior School Awards Assembly will be held on Tuesday 8 December at 9.30am. At this assembly the focus will be predominantly on class based awards, and will be attended by all students from Years 1-5. ELC and Foundation students will not attend, but will receive awards in class for their efforts throughout the year. The contributions of House Captains and members of the Student Representative Council will also be recognised, and this assembly will culminate in the presentation of the House Shield to the winning House for 2015.