Message from Middle & Senior School


Transition Into Middle School

The move of students into the Middle School for some students and indeed for some parents can be both an anxious yet exciting time. To alleviate some of this anxiety it is important for both parents and students to have an understanding of what lies ahead. For this reason we have organised a Transition program which allows our Year 5 students to become part of the Middle and Senior School for part of a day.

On Monday 7 December, Year 5 students will begin the day working with the current Year 6 group to help them understand the changes they will encounter particularly relating to timetable and subject content. Following this, the students will participate in a range of lessons delivered by Middle and Senior School staff. They will have lunch with the Year 6’s followed by a team building activity session with Year 9 buddies.

Being on the same campus is certainly an advantage for our Year 5’s in this transition process as they are already familiar with the surrounds and the school culture.

In addition to the Transition Program we will be holding a parent information session on Monday 30 November. This session will provide information about the change in day structure, expectations and curriculum. It will commence at 5.30pm in the Middle and Senior School meeting rooms on the ground floor. For those who are unable to attend, the presentation will be videoed and a link provided to all parents. We hope to see many parents in attendance at this session.

Year 7 Leadership Day

On Monday 7 December our Year 7 students will be participating in a Leadership Day. During this day, students will be participating in a range of leadership and team-building activities. The culminating event of the day will be the selection of the Middle School Captains for 2016. Further information will be disseminated closer to the time.

Uniform for 2016

A reminder to parents that as we enter into 2016 we will be strongly enforcing the student dress code. This will mean that all students will need to have correct footwear. Shoes need to be plain black and able to be polished . Canvas shoes , runners and ballet flats will not be acceptable. Please take the opportunity over the holidays to ensure that your child has correct footwear to begin the school year.

Please also be reminded that only plain navy cardigans or jumpers, free from logos, writing and hoods will be accepted in 2016.

Book Returns

All books, including text books, need to be returned to the library by 10 December. A set day will be put aside for each year group to return these in bulk. Your child will be given this information prior to this time.

Class lists

Home Room class lists will be generated and published to parents on Thursday 10 December along with the end of year Reports. We move students from class to class on the advice of their teachers, which ensures the best learning opportunity for each child. Hence there has been some changes in the Middle School. All Year 8 students have been moved to create three new classes. As many of these students have been together for a number of years, it is important for them to be able to mix and work with others as they move into senior schooling.

Year 10 Classes will be condensed into two Homerooms as students move into Year 11.

It has been such a busy year and students have had the opportunity to engage in so many activities. As the year draws to a close these activities will continue. As a result, I have included a list of key dates and procedures to assist with your planning as we near the end of such an exciting year.

Higher School Certificate Examinations

BOSTES has a program to help students with practical support in their Higher School Certificate examinations. This practical support, known as provisions, assists students to read examination questions and to write their answers. Provisions include rest breaks and extra time. The use of any provision is not written on the student’s results.

Students may need provisions for:

• a permanent condition, such as diabetes or reading difficulty
• a temporary condition, such as a broken arm, or
• an intermittent condition, such as back pain when sitting for long periods.

To apply for provisions, the school submits an online application to BOSTES. This application tells BOSTES which provisions the student is requesting and includes recent evidence. Evidence may include medical reports, reading results, spelling results, writing samples and teacher comments.

If you think that you or your child may require support in completing the Higher School Certificate examinations, please discuss the matter with Ms Alex. Please contact her through email; by the 30th November so we can begin collating the required documents.

Language Week


The Great Wall of China is approximately 6,430 Km long (3,995 miles)
The Eiffel Tower has 1,792 steps and has 2,500,000 rivets
The fortune cookie was invented in San Francisco
Paper originated from China
The Chinese used fingerprints as a method of identification as far back as AD 700.

This week the Middle Senior School celebrated Language Week. A variety of activities were organised for students within their Languages Other Than English(LOTE) classes and in homerooms.

Students had to opportunity to enter colouring in competitions, Photo guessing competitions, design a poster outlining Facts about their own country and complete a language quiz on France, Spain, Malaysia and Australia. Year 8 students were also very fortunate to be able to go on a field trip to Bangsar to sample French, Chinese and Malaysian cuisine. “ Did you know” facts were shared on the daily notices as well as on television screens around the school.

This was a first for the LOTE Dept at AISM and we hope to make it an annual event with more exciting activities next year.

Year 8 LOTE Field Trip

To celebrate Language Week, on Tuesday 17 November, Year 8 students were taken on an excursion to Bangsar to sample French, Malaysian and Spanish cuisine. Students ordered a variety of foods, shared dishes and sampled sweets. All were impressed with the experience.

Here are the thoughts of the students who visited Tous Les Jours:

At Tous Les Jours, I ordered the Miach
sandwich which was very nice and the
macarons also looked good. I enjoyed the
food that I ordered.  -Joel-

I loved the food! It was better than what
I expected. I think this was the most
satisfying excursion. I had the TLJ
breakfast and it was great.  -Aoi-

This was a good trip, I like the food here. -Nathan-

We went on an excursion to Tous Les
Jours. I ordered an egg & cheese muffin.
The food is great :)  -Emelyn-

The Hague International Model United Nations (THIMUN) Singapore Trip 2015

In 2015 the AISM THIMUN Programme has once again gone from strength to strength. From 15 to 21 November, the AISM Delegation participated in the 11th Annual Session of THIMUN Singapore. This year we were blessed with the task of representing the Russian Federation, India, The European Union and Cote d’Ivoire. In addition Chew Khai Kern was given the honour of being the President of the International Court of Justice (ICJ), Elsa Baker was made Chair of General Assembly 6th Committee, Aishah Kenton worked in the press corps and five others were selected to the Advisory Panel. All of our forty-two students involved, worked diligently and effectively.

Our THIMUN Programme this year focussed upon facilitation and mediation, as we worked to instill a distinct AISM MUN philosophy. This approach proved extremely valuable in helping our students build consensus on a wide range of issues on the international agenda.

Beyond the conference, we walked, ate and rode the MRT together, we visited the Asian Civilisations Museum, toured the historical district, rode the Singapore Flyer, saw the city from a river cruise, explored Orchard Rd and Clarke Quay and partied at the THIMUN Dinner & Dance.

Great fun was had by all and an invaluable educational experience was embraced on all levels. Our AISM delegates improved the public speaking, negotiation, mediation, formal writing, interpersonal and debating skills. THIMUN again proved to be the most valuable educational experience of the year.

For more photos click here:   THIMUN  


See Think Wonder

We, as teachers, continue to be aware that we are preparing students in the 21st century for jobs that have not yet been created. The use of visible thinking routines creates individual thinking by students at all levels. In the middle and senior school, the “See Think Wonder” routine has been used in the Maths and Science Departments to introduce and explore new ideas. It invites students to set their own path of investigation in a topic. It is hoped that continued exposure to these routines will provide students with a “toolkit” of approaches to solving unfamiliar problems.

Thinking Routines were recently used in a Year 8 Maths class, where students were shown a circle with a circumference of 1 metre and asked what they saw, what they thought and what questions that it raised for them. This was done at the beginning of a topic, engaging students but also allowing for differentiation in the class through their answers. Students then used Geogebra to investigate the relationship between the perimeter of a polygon and its diagonal. This led to a ratio being discovered, more commonly known as “pi”. In Year 6, students used the routine to investigate methods to calculate the capacity of objects.

In the Science classroom, a Thinking Routine was used following an introductory video on “Inertia”. Students set the agenda for the class through their questions and by approaching the topic with a conceptual lens, rather than a topic lens.