Message from Middle & Senior School


Speech Day

As we come to the close of the year it is a time to reflect back on the many things that have happened in 2015. Schools are always busy places and AISM is no different. When I began this year, I looked at our core values and believed that they provided a strong base to assist students in building a strong character and further develop toward becoming young global citizens and leaders. This has been evidenced in so many things that our students do. The opportunities that have been provided in the area of academic enrichment, cultural diversity, sporting activities, service learning and personal development have been many. I have enjoyed watching so many students getting involved in these activities and working together as a school community. The culminating event of Speech Day highlighted some of the amazing achievements accomplished by a number of our students across many different areas which demonstrated this diversity. Congratulations to the following students who were recipients of the Special Awards for 2015:

Senior School Sportsman Kaveen Parthiban
Senior School Sportswoman Kimberley Kam
Middle School Sportsman Jeremy Bartley
Middle School Sportswoman Ashleigh Boudeville
Senior School Performing Arts Award Atsuko Sunaga
Middle School performing Arts Award Irish Breen
Senior School Principal’s Award Atsuko Sunaga
Middle School Principal’s Award Minji Park
Wayne Wagner Award Madyson Pietsch
Senior School Civics and Citizenship Award Jessebelle Breen
Middle School Civics and Citizenship Award Valentyn Santhara
Dux of Year 12 Yiie Lyn Seo
Dux of Year 11 Lynette Too
Dux of Year 10 Saikiko Okyama
Dux of Year 9 Wei Hoon Tan
Dux of Year 8 Valentyn Santhara
Dux of Year 7 Alexander Kam
Dux of year 6 Priyanka Krishna

I will also like to congratulate the elected Middle School Captains for 2016:

Male Captain- Dash Emerson
Female Captain- Ashleigh Boudeville
Male Vice Captain- Rishi Krishnamurthi
Female Vice Captain- Yasmine McKibbin


It has been such an enjoyable two years at AISM and I am proud to have been a part of this wonderful school community. I am also honoured to have met such beautiful young people who I believe will all go on to achieve great success.

I would also like to thank the teaching staff for their tremendous work this year in assisting our students to achieve their very best. To the staff who are departing, I wish you well in your future positions wherever your career may take you and thank you for being part of the AISM community.

As we head off on our holidays, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of those families leaving us the very best in their future endeavors. To our students, I urge you to keep in touch with those friends that you have made and share your future stories with them. For those returning, I wish you an enjoyable break and a safe return.To all families who are moving on, I wish you and your children all of the very best in the next chapter of your journey.

Day 1- 2016

Mr Ivan McLean, the incoming Head of Middle and Senior School along with Ms Kathryn Sutherland, Deputy Head of Middle and Senior School, will welcome students on the first day back, along with many of the new families that will join us. Please find below an outline of the program for the day.

Year 6 Frozen Fractals in Mathematics Class

This activity focused on Rotational Symmetry taught to students and they experimented from then on. We had added a bit more fun by calling the activity "Frozen Fractals All Around"